A Full and comprehensive programme to engage women in ALL that they are.


Is the most magical gift you can give yourself (or someone you care about), to start off 2020 with a bang.

A 12 Week Programme for just £180 (£15 a week) you are able to share this programme with those you love the most too, and in the comfort of your own home.

"It was like a missing piece of a puzzle suddenly going into place!"

Well I was going to write a full and lengthy review but I reiterate everything that Joanne B wrote in her review as it repeats my experience except I visited Rachel just one session having practiced tapping for myself previously to help with anxiety so I knew how effective it can be but my issues were quite deep and I needed someone to guide me and prompt me through a very difficult long term situation. I could not believe how she did it but I felt a shift in my emotions and it was like a missing piece of a puzzle suddenly going into place! I was tired after the session but relaxed and felt different and determined in a very positive way. Rachel is lovely to work with and I felt I could trust her with my feelings from the moment I met her she is a very warm and kind lady and I would certainly have no doubt in recommending her to help with deep seated issues that need to come out. She saved me a fortune in counselling sessions and to be honest I didn’t want to keep raking over old stuff so I found this far more effective and to the point. Thank you Rachel for putting the little girl at ease and allowing the woman to shine through.. �xx
Loz Simpson

loads of resources

You’ll receive amazing resources to guide you through the process.

3 x Meridian charts for emotional & physical intelligence a free Ebook “The Spiral of Life” access to  “Tap around The Clock” Apple app and so much more. 

energy therapy

You’ll learn more about how to use tapping techniques, meridians and how your physical, emotional and mental intelligence all connects together to help you become the vibrant, connected, and complete person you were meant to be.


We will work through 12 Meridians (1 a week), educating, clearing and understanding how this information all fits together around the 24 hour clock. 

Showing you how to adjust, balance and work through each challenge that occures in life in a unique and intelligent way that is perfect for you.

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Let's get started!

I am very much looking forward, to welcoming you into the very heart of our Women With Wisdom Community where we will get down to sharing our naked truth with each other (without taking our clothes off.. haha)…… and learn to be proud of how it has shaped us for the very exciting part of our journey yet to come.

This course doesn’t start till the end of January