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A Full and comprehensive programme to engage women in ALL that they are.

12 week Programme Includes:


  • 3 x A3  Health Awareness pdf Posters For Quick Reference Tools
  • Emotional Health Awareness (Negative Emotions)
  • Physical Health Awareness (Physical Ailements)
  • Positive Health Awareness (Positive Emotions)
  • The Spiral of Life Ebook
  • Free Tap Around The Clock App
  • 60 Videos (5 each week) in short bite size pieces for each Meridian
  • 5 BONUS Videos
  • Safety material (Video footage and pdf Scripts)
  • Detox information (Video footage and pdf)

Education: ENGAGE

  1. Introduction to How Energy Therapy works.
  2. Introduction to All 3 Awareness Charts (Negative, Physical & Positive Meridians Charts)
  3. Introduction to How to use Tapping Techniques.
  4. What Emotions and Physical Ailments get trapped in the Meridians and How to start clearing them
  5. These Include Positive Affirmations videos
  6. Optimum and minimum working times for each meridian
  7. How the opposite Meridians should be used together (Ying & Yang)
  8. The Full Tap Around The Clock routine for clearing the system each day.
  9. Journal each day your findings.
  10. Intensity gauges for you to gauge results.

Transformation Time : Start using them

  1. Week 1 to Week 12
  2. 5 Videos a week
  3. Day 1 Get to know you’r tapping point for the Meridian we are working on.
  4. Day 2. – Work on 2 Negative Emotions today.
  5. Day 3 – Work on 2 Physical Symptoms today.
  6. Day 4 – Positive Affirmations Day
  7. Day 5 – We join the weeks works together in one routine for you to cement in the changes we are making.
  8. Day 6 & 7 for you to catch up and share with family.


What software requirements you will need for accessing the Course Learning:

  • Emails
  • Zoom and Facebook
  • Videos some recorded some live to allow Q & A sessions in the Facebook Group to give learnings, knowledge and techniques.
  • Email reminders and information for each weeks subject matter.
  • 1 to 1 Support available as an add on dependant on needs – ring to discuss.
  • Journal


You may be Inspired to get the family involved after your first few days of learning and it is certainly encouraged!  The more you all work together sharing this information and techniques the more you will see significant changes within all your relationships, work & school too!


Sharing the Wisdom of who you are and what you have learnt over the years is so vitally important to all our relationships.

This 12 week course gives you the knowledge and skills to do so and all you need to do is give yourself permission to openly engage in the process and see what happens along the way.

You may be amazed how it opens you up into a more sustainable future for yourself and those you care about.


I Am A Woman With Wisdom……….

Is the most magical gift you can give yourself (or someone you care about), to start off 2020 with a bang.  Plus, for just £180 you are able to share this programme with those you love the most too and in the comfort of your own home.

What a magical gift for you all to share for the start of 2020.

Are you the gift that keeps on giving?   You could very well be that inspired, open and welcoming person that we all need in our lives to move forward with.

Ladies you have so much Wisdom to share with this Closed community alone, we will all benefit from your presence, knowledge and support base for each other.

I for one so Very much look forward, to welcoming you into the very heart of our Women With Wisdom Community where we will get down to sharing our naked truth with each other…… and be so very damn PROUD of every part of our journey.


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