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  1. Follow the video above to discover which negatives emotions we are using today for the Spleen Meridian.
  2. Practice this throughout the day
  3. Remember to have your Safety Script and Detox scripts to hand for all exercises.
  4. Gauge the intensity of how you are feeling before you start this exercise 0 = no feelings and 10  = greatest reaction to your feelings/sensations to an issue.
  5. Remember to journal all your findings from this exercise as patterns throughout this process will be found.
  6. Drop into the Facebook group and share your findings and get to know each other


The information that pops up through this process will all be related to your life events, people, places and is your unique footprint throughout life.  Making sense of this may require deeper work and working just on this meridian alone will not clear all your issues or give you a full understanding of your whole energy system.

Please note this is a taster session for you to have some understanding of where such issues may become blocked in and how to start the process of making connections to clear them and understand them more consciously.

Your may wish to join the membership scheme where we will be looking at 1 meridian a month and have additional information to the tapping to support the overall health of that particular area.

Alternatively, if you wish to have all the 12 meridian information at once and work on this quite intensively then there is an option to take the 12 Meridian Mastery of Your Emotional Self Course which is available to work on for 6 months.  This gives you the opportunity to Tap Around The Clock twice within the 6 months period and have all the information to hand if you wish to take 2 weeks on each meridian.  This process allows for faster clearance to happen, but only if you continue with the work involved each day.

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