• Learn your Families Emotional and Physical Signs of stress.
  • Learn HOW to become resilient as a Family
  • New Skills of emotional and physical awareness and engagement.
  • New language to let go and transform.
  • New tolerance to inspire others.
  • New Confidence and Bravery to sustain your new life together.
  • New found compassion, fun and laughter in your lives.

Working together to evolve your family to a new dimension is the most precious gift you could give each other.

  • You develop an understanding as to why you are in each others lives and the lessons you need to learn from each other to fully evolve.
  • Tensions dissipate with the new language you are able to use with each other.
  • Confrontation does not cause the usual upset and antagonistic response.

Sessions may be run:

  • Together as a family unit.
  • Individually
  • 2 or more at a time
  • With Extended Members if required
  • Face to face
  • Online via Zoom/Skype etc

Support out of hours:

  • Online Social Media Support, Closed, Secret and Public sites
  • Free App (Apple) to work independently
  • E-Book to support your learning together
  • Emergency Support if required.
  • Emotional and Physical Awareness Programme charts

Get in touch today to book your Family Freedom Sessions.