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Beliefs that anger, disappointment, fear, dread, confusion, should be hidden away behind closed doors, so that they don’t make us or our family/group look weak, unprofessional, or unstable have been a common theme in many cultures, families and organisations.

“I've had one session with Rachel and she has changed my life in the most positive way!"

I've had 2/3 years of on and off radiotherapy and chemotherapy and although the effects of these were expected I also struggled with how I thought about what was happening and this in turn made the effects even worse. Rachel has shown me how to think differently and how to get rid of negativism, I have just completed a 6 week course of radiotherapy and although the tiredness has been there I have felt so different than the last time, I'm now okay that I may need to rest and I'm comfortable knowing that I have limitations and I must listen to my body.
Instead of feeling upset and angry about what is going on I can now say to myself 'its okay that you feel that way'. It has been one of the best things I have ever done and I cannot thank Rachel enough. I now use my tapping even sat at work when I'm having a moment of stress and it works beautifully.
chLOe howard

critical level

Critical levels are difference for each of us. These levels will increase our fight, flight and freeze mechanisms putting our whole systems into protection mode. It is very difficult to make the wisest choices when we are in protection mode as our blood supply naturally spreads to our arms and legs ready to take action to either, fight, flight or freeze.


Until, we can accept that we will all have similar emotions, and that they will occur throughout the events that happen in our lives, conflict will occur.


Wherever we are; at work, school, family, friends, social media etc, relationships are forming all the time, good, bad and indifferent,

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CETIS Programmes

A more in depth look at the issues needing resolving or enhancing within your unit.

You will all have different ares of growth you would like to work on and this system allows you all to understand what your aims and goals are. Allowing you to work together, supporting each other, rather than straining against each other, to reach an end goal, which actually may be more similar than you realise.

Confidence and Self Esteem growth, Resilience Building, Trust and Teamwork; Finances, Creativity and Body shape. The choice is yours. Totally flexible package to work on what will help you the most.

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