Ancient Healing Knowledge mixed together with Tapping.

Chinese Meridian Clock

12 Meridians

EFT Tapping Point for each Meridian

Negative Emotions, Physical Symptoms and Positive Emotions  

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12 Months to complete Practitioner Status with  continuous support for Trainee’s & Practitioners 

A safe, secure and encouraging environment to  achieve your certification of Practitioner with confidence and momentum.

We promote continuous development on ourselves, so that you become inspired to continue your journey and then inspire others to do the same.

This is a unique online opportunity to belong to an Training College that is truly All About YOU.

We then thrive as a family together, growing, sharing and evolving as we go.

Mastering anything takes time and repetition to be consistant; in your engagement; and of the process; of whatever it is you want to Master.

For us to Tap Into Self Mastery, we will be using the Tap Around The Clock method, originating from Rachel Earing’s book The Spiral of Life.

Each week we work around the 24 hour clock looking at a separate Meridian.

We will tap and tune into specific emotions and physical symptoms connected to them.

You have 24 Weeks to work through Level 1  and gain your certificate of working on YOU.  This means you get to work around The Clock twice giving you a deeper fuller understanding and ability to build up your consistency of working on you!


You work completely on you and your life.  This has to be completed before you can move onto any other Level.  

Level II (Practitioner)

Repeat the process upto 3 more times, and begin to work with others. (You must complete Level I before gaining access to Level II)

12 Months to complete the Practitioner Status.

How to Work with Clients.

Each week is divided into sections, and those sections contain five video lessons that you will use to harness your learning for each segment.


  • App
  • Book
  • Charts
  • 5 Videos a Week (60 in total)
  • PLUS Bonus Videos
  • Facebook Group to share continued growth & Network.
  • Live Q&A Session on Sundays with Trainer or your Pod Leader
  • Q&A Session with Rachel Monthly via Zoom.
  • Opportunity to become a Pod Leader throughout the 12 months (Paid Positions)


  • Introduction on How to Set Up Your Business
  • Insurances Guidelines
  • GDPR & Privacy Policies
  • Basic Canva / Mailerlite information
  • Social Media Opportunities (Speaking in groups, lives and networking)


Stomach / Spleen / Heart / Small Intestine / Bladder / Kidney / Pericardium / Triple Warmer / Gall Bladder / Liver / Lungs / Large Intestine Meridians

Journal each segment

It is OBLIGATORY to sign, agree and return our terms and conditions before taking this course. 


Level I

Completion of Level 1 (Certificate for attendance & completition of this Level) 

Practitioner Status: Level II

Completition of  Level I & Level II Modules 

Journalling for Case Study on your own journey through the 1st 12 Modules

Attendance of the Zoom Question & Answer sessions.

3 Case Studies

Final Exam

Yearly Attendance of Mentorship & CPD  to maintain certification.