12 Months of Intentional Transformation with safe small group settings to make REAL changes to your life which genuinely will compound over the period of 1 whole year.

Whether you want to sort out your relationship, get your fiances healthy, get focused and keep focused for a whole year with others wanting to do the same thing then this is for you.

Maybe the best gift you can give you and those you care about this year is a truly investing in yourself and making 2022 the year that shifted you well and truly FORWARDS!

Starting  9th January 2022

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TARC EFT – Tap Around The Clock (The Background behind EFT)

Practitioner Level I & II Combined
(Access for 12 Months)

12 Meridian Modules using Tap Around The Clock


Basic Business Set up Information (Insurance / GDPR / Privacy Policy / Consent Forms)

Practitioner / Client conduct.

Preparing for a Session

Working with Colours, Ho,Oponopono, Language,  Cell Alignment & Ancestral Lineage

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ENROLEMENT details below…..

TARC EFT – Level I & II

Level 1 = 12 Meridian Modules to be completed before access to Level II opens up.

1 Meridian a Week

Tapping Technique for each Meridian

Negative, Physical & Positive Aspects uncovered through the initial 12 modules.

Weekly Q&A Session on Zoom

Certificate of Completion.

This course must be completed before moving onto Level II

Practitioner certificate (is desired) is upon acceptance of 4 case studies, exam and 25 hours client completion.


£180 for the Year!

Tania A Prince and Rachel Earing, have joined forces to bring Trainees and newly qualified Coaches, Practitioners and Therapists a full experience of how to set up their business effectively, efficiently and maintain sustainable growth moving forward.

Each month will cover basic business steps to implement with workbooks, videos and Zoom sessions, to allow step by step growth, without the overwhelm, as you gain confidence in doing what you really want to do, which is of course, working with your clients.