It’s Time For Change!

Sisters, it’s time to get emotionally, physically and spiritually connected down on Chetham Farm in Bolton, Lancashire.

A Fertile Wisdom is About to Unleash!

This retreat is for the Woman who is on the brink, the cusp of a new stage in her life.

A stage that is exhausting, hot, erratic, suffers from a reduced interest in sex, insomnia, calm one minute, wanting to cry the next.
Your life is not in crisis, trust me, even though it feels like it.
Your life is preparing your for a new stage.
A FERTILE you that is more precious than ever before!
A time in your life that all the wisdom you have accumulated is ready to be released in….. but you need to to feel safe to do so…..
This is a time when we may feel very unsafe due to the HUGE changes happening to our emotional and physical selves.
It takes away our confidence, our femininity, our energy as we used to know it.
Women With Wisdom….. there is a most wonderful way forward for you… and I invite a VERY exclusive number of you to join us for this very special weekend and share who you are and allow this precious being that you are, to SAFELY start the process of unfolding into the WOMAN of WISDOM, that you are.
This is a calling to those women who feel a responsibility to the children in our society that are struggling, emotionally and physically.
A calling to the women who feel it in their very soul that they know something needs to be done as a collective to assist, the fearful, the bullied, the abused, the disregarded, the self harming, self sabotaging youngsters of today.
A calling for them to understand how this affects their entire life if they do not face their demons now.
YES, YES, YES!! Ladies this is absolutely about YOU!
You’re life! You’re relationships! You’re Feelings! You’re professions! You’re physical pain! You’re essence!
Release your essence and see your soul journey unfold!
Connect with your Soul Group and you start to inspire others.
Inspire others with the pure ESSENCE of who you are, and you are creating a sustainable chain of events to change the future for our children and our childrens, children.
Are you ready to join us and make this Book happen for Christmas?
To Have YOUR BOOK, Published, Earning money for a Charity for Christmas 2019!
Then Please 

 Come and Join us!


NOT ONLY that but also be amazed at how your symptoms above begin to ease along the way…..

Join us on our FIRST EVER (Hence the FABULOUS VALUE) Retreat and:

  • Work with Rachel who has 20 years experience working for ITV Studios in Production and Broadcasting. Finally working for the Executive Producer and BAFTA/Emmy Awards winner Jimmy McGovern on The Street, she has cried over the initial scripts and then cried again as they were pulled apart by the Script team until each story stood as a masterpiece all of its own.
  • Rachel retrained as an Energy Therapist (& now Author in her own right) when her life fell apart after depression, divorce, abuse, addiction, bullying, 3 boys to feed and a need to heal.
  • Experience alternative therapies such as EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) / NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) / Yoga & Reiki.
  • Group Workshops and Individual sessions to clear root issues holding you back. Moving you forward with love,compassion and kindness!
  • Laugh, cry, run, have fun, relax, walk, make friends for life, and unleash that inner you that’s been crying to get out for so long in a safe environment.
  • Connect with nature at the most basic level (Yes, time to get naked ladies!) and feel the essence of that connection to mother earth and your place in her) YES, you will run naked through the fields – only briefly!
  • Inspire others to heal themselves whilst on your own journey of healing.


  • Discover the 5 step process to keep you on this Upward Spiral of positivity in your life.
  • Learn how to recognise the signs of needing to Awaken yet again!  Yes, it is a lifetime of discovery, not a one off event.


  • Engage in all the therapy activities, relaxing, laughing and crying together.
  • Write your own Chapter of Change.
  • Engage in Nature in our natural state and feel that freedom and liberation run through your veins. (Note: you will only be naked (semi) for the photo shoot… honest!)
  • Choose your charity.


  • All of this will be kept as an incredible memoir for life of the transformation that begins at the Naked Soul Sister Retreat resulting in your very own group book.  Inside will be the contents of your transformation as you scribe your own journey to help inspire others.
  • Your book will be published on Amazon and will be available in paperback as well as a downloadable version with the proceeds going towards the Charity or Community project you have chosen.
  • What better way to mark the transformation on your life journey so far.
  • A perfect gift for yourself, those you care about, and you even give something back to a great cause.

Are you willing to experience our

Exclusive Women With Wisdom Retreat?

If so book today

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Future Bookings for 2020 available very soon.

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