Usui Reiki & Tera-Mai™ Seichem

What is it?

Seichem and Reiki is a healing system dating back to ancient Egypt (Seichem) and ancient Japan (Reiki). Seichem & Usui combined uses the elements of Earth (Reiki), Water (Sophi-el), Fire (Sakara) and Air/spirit (Angelic light). 

"It’s rare to come across such a genuine soul like Rachel"

I’ve know Rachel for over 30 years, firstly in a professional capacity but that quickly turned into Friendship. She has been on such an enlightening exploration which she is now using to educate people of how to use Energy Therapy to transform their lives. It was an absolute pleasure of taking part in her 4 Day Masterclass: Evolving out of Lockdown and can say it was the most wonderful experience. Her natural compassion gives her a unique ability to empathize on such a deep level – all participants felt so safe to explore their lives, past and present. Rachel bought such wonderful humor whilst slowly leading everyone through their own emotional journey. Rachel is a gifted therapist with a beautiful combination of self awareness, empathy and integrity. You can be assured a safe, enjoyable, educational and successful life journey. Highly recommended.🥰💜
Alyson Marsh

Why learn tera-mai?

The Tera-Mai™healing system, founded by Kathleen Milner, includes both Reiki and Seichem. These gentle yet powerful energies can be received and learned by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or age (including new & unborn babies!).

The Best part...

This is a non invasive therapy where the client remains fully clothed and either laid down or sat up. However a few minutes at the end of a massage whilst the client is draped with towels is the perfect way to end the treatment. It is suitable for any age and has no risk of side effects (for example, it can be given throughout pregnancy to benefit both mum and babe).

learn the best way

It is a gentle but powerful universal energy force that is channeled through the practitioner to the healee. The practitioner is NOT the healer but simply a pure channel for the energy to flow. The practitioner places their hands on or above the healee’s body in a non invasive manner throughout the treatment. 
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What are the benefits of this treatment?

These energies support the body, comfort the mind and soothe the spirit. No two treatments are alike and everyone’s experience is different. Beyond all doubt, this is a treatment that is beyond description. It needs to be experienced to respect and believe its potential and is truly a gift for the soul!

Benefits include:



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