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Usui Reiki & Tera Mai Seichem

 Usui Reiki & Tera-Mai™ Seichem:

What is it?

Seichem and Reiki is a healing system dating back to ancient Egypt (Seichem) and ancient Japan (Reiki). Seichem & Usui combined uses the elements of Earth (Reiki), Water (Sophi-el), Fire (Sakara) and Air/spirit (Angelic light). 

The Tera-Mai™healing system, founded by Kathleen Milner, includes both Reiki and Seichem. These gentle yet powerful energies can be received and learned by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or age (including new & unborn babies!).

This is a non invasive therapy where the client remains fully clothed and either laid down or sat up. However a few minutes at the end of a massage whilst the client is draped with towels is the perfect way to end the treatment. It is suitable for any age and has no risk of side effects (for example, it can be given throughout pregnancy to benefit both mum and babe).

It is a gentle but powerful universal energy force that is channelled through the practitioner to the healee. The practitioner is NOT the healer but simply a pure channel for the energy to flow. The practitioner places their hands on or above the healee’s body in a non invasive manner throughout the treatment. 
What are the benefits of this treatment?
These energies support the body, comfort the mind and soothe the spirit. No two treatments are alike and everyone’s experience is different. Beyond all doubt, this is a treatment that is beyond description. It needs to be experienced to respect and believe its potential and is truly a gift for the soul!

Benefits include:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Balances sleep patterns
  • Soothes physical and emotional pain
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Heals animals
  • Brings harmony on all levels
  • Gives mental clarity and heightens spiritual awareness
  • Re-instates self worth and respect

This therapy complements all orthodox medicine


A full treatment is approximately 1 hour but the therapy is so versatile it can be administered for a few minutes to relieve fear/nightmares, nose bleeds, instil calm after shock or simply as a energy boost for that extra mile when driving!



* Earth (Reiki) energy is experienced as hot and cold (just like the surface of the planet). Works on the physical body and grounds all healing work

* Water (Sophi-El) is experience as undulating waves of cool energy that brings up deep emotional issues for healing.  Thus, the healed is able o feel the negative emotions and then release them to the Tera-Mai Healer, who then gives the negativity to the angels for transformation.

* Fire (Sakara) is clearly distinguised as rapid pulses or spraksof low voltage electricity.  The heaer may experience the senation of pins and needles like energy in the palms of his/her hands.  Clients often feel the sparking energy or a current or energy on or in their body.  Sakara gives the healer the ability to heal the aura or energy field surrounding the living.

* Air (Angeliclight) is the energy of air and spirit.  It enhances the healing ability of the third eye and the voice and the breath.  It helps brings about mental healing.  The presence of angels is often experienced.


First degree ~ the first steps to self – healing 

First initiation into 4 rays of elemental healing of Earth, fire, Air & water.

Most people take this particular class for their own healing process, and to be able to help family and friends & animals.  

Everyone in the class gives and receives healing. Receive the healing energies and learn psychic protection, receive violet flame attunement, Aura sensing, chakra balancing, and how to channel healing of Reiki.

Cost: £120.00 for 1.5 Days Training or book the online course here with Zoom Attunements

Second degree  – Practitioner training ~ stronger energies
 (Pre-requisite is Tera-Mai Seichem I)
* Second initiation into 4 rays of elemental healing of Earth,  fire, Air & water. 
Getting rid of the ego, introduction to the use of powerful symbols, the power of mantra and visualisation, beaming energy with physical eyes, learn how to send healing through time and space. Psychic surgery, polarity healing and crystal grids. introduction to Egyptian symbology + Initiation into the first symbol YOD. 
Cost: £120  2 day training or book the Online Zoom Training Here
Third degree ~ Mastership level  ADVANCED PRACTITIONER
& Masters Teaching Level   (to initiate others)
(Pre-requisite is Tera-Mai Seichem 2)
* Third initiation into the 4 rays of elemental healing.
A very powerful initiation leading to greater spiritual and psychic awareness. 
Cost: £180 2 Day Training

Level III Teacher training masters part II

Learn the Master Symbols
*Learn how to do  the Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem attunement’s
* Using the breath technique for absentee and self-healing
* Each participant will practice giving each attunement.
* We will practice the contractions and breathing necessary to do the attunements in a variety of fun exercises that will also serve to send healing to ourselves, loved ones and Mother Earth.

* The initiations into YOD and The Order of Melchizedek will be given and the initiate will be taught how to give these initiations as well.

Each Level is fully certified.
 NOTE: these are initiations/empowerments only and no class is necessary

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