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Creating Super Leaders from The Impact of Poor Mental Health in Our Country.

Poor Mental Health costs European Employers €378-469 Billion Each Year.
Over the past decades, there has been a substantial decrease in many occupational diseases. Although
mental health in the workplace has gained attention in recent years, many employers remain unaware of
the full impact of poor mental health on their bottom line.

Our families, economy and priorities need a software update and the time is now!

39 per cent of adults aged 16-74 with conditions such as anxiety or depression, surveyed in England, were accessing mental health treatment, in 2014. This figure has increased from one in four (24 per cent) since the last survey was carried out in 2007.  (These figures have come from Mind Matters research May 2021)

Overall, around one in six adults (17 per cent) surveyed in England met the criteria for a common mental disorder (CMD) in 2014.

Women were more likely than men to have reported these symptoms. One in five women (19 per cent) had reported CMD symptoms, compared with one in eight men (12 per cent). Women were also more likely than men to report severe symptoms of a CMD – 10 per cent of women surveyed reported severe symptoms compared to 6 per cent of men.

Eight years later, the costs to employers has increased by up to 74%. These findings are in line with the annual increase of self-reported mental
health conditions reported in the National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) (Figure 1) [2]–[4].

The likelihood of our children developing a mental health issue has increased by 50% over the last 3 years!

This means 5 in every 30 children in classroom are likely to have a mental health issue.

39% of 6 to 16 years old had experienced deterioration in mental health since 2017.

Prevention is KEY to us moving forward together and Live4Energy’s Super Learning Programme helps to create Super Leaders. Super Leaders are where we want our families and organisation to be increasing the percentage of Joy and Creativity to bring real VALUE and PROFIT into peoples lives – whatever that means for them.  This journey together will bring great changes to the desired outcomes for each individual involved yet usually all the more beautiful because of those changes!

Live4Energy has 3 main objective which have 1 major theme running through them.

To become SUPER version of ourselves at all ages and enable our environment and human kind to THRIVE!

Live4Energy’s taps into Leaders natural intuitive abilities and guides them to trust, enhance and be creative with their unique magnetic field through the most cutting edge scientific research and combining it with ancient and brand new techniques and skills.

These bespoke programme allow, for the growth not just of an individual, but as a family, a team, and as an organisation to thrive together, with values that are not just pasted on a landing page to tick off, but embodied by each member who participates in our Bespoke Super Leadership Training Progammes.

Here are some of our statistics for working with individuals with over 21+ symptoms of Burnout in the last 12 months,  Many who go on to become Super Leaders in their organisations:

Average Client Decreases anxiety symptoms by 50%+ after 4 sessions

Cancer Client Decreased 30 symptoms by 56% in 5 Sessions

Chronic Fybromialgia Client eliminated 24 of her 33 Symptoms after 1 session.

ACE’S (Adverse Childhood Effects) Client Decreased 30 symptoms by 75% in 1 Session

These reductions in symptoms allows individuals to not only participate again in life but help their workplace radically assess and reevaluate how they can move forward with the information being presented to them and enable their whole workforce new possibilities to move forward with.  In effect they are cutting health costs for their family and organisation which results in  contributing more enthusiasm, value and joy into the economy. 

Joy + Value = Profit 

This 5 step process underpins every course, event and session we deliver:                        



You think you’ve tackled the hardest lesson of your life and then without any great warning you find yourself on an even bigger spiral of events.  Are you feeling financial frightened; stuck, no room to negotiate, isolated, with anxiety and agitation running into all aspects of your life;  which makes you emotionally drained and life is just becoming more and more difficult to cope with?

These spiral of events in your life are certainly NOT because your stupid.  Neither is it because you haven’t managed to logically work out, what and why it keeps happening!

So why can’t you sustain the cycle of change?


Burnout is a real thing. It creates feelings of hopelessness, despair, why me, insomnia, brain fog, the need to be in control of everything, unable to delegate, over eating, drinking, and so much more….
Just 2 high levels of these symptoms could mean you’re suffering from Burnout.
You do not need to suffer there are faster and simpler ways to deal with your symptoms appearing every day!

What can Live4Energy do to help this process?

Step by Step Accountability of Health Status

Optimum Health Map to follow 24 Hours a day for life

24 Hour online help with tools, techniques and assistance for working through more than 35 Burnout symptoms to optimum performance. 

Weekly | Monthly or Quarterly Reset sessions to realign and remember to re-engage.

Bespoke Courses Face to Face or Online for you and your organisation. Get in touch here

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 Programmes Certificates of Attendance or Practitioner Status


Are you preventative or reactive to your teams needs?

Is your team?

Do you think it would improve communication if you were?

Are you struggling to see your way forward?

Do you feel stuck, swamped and everything’s moving too fast; work, school, life in general?

Are you struggling to think how to keep up, never mind get ahead?

If any of these points above resonate with you then give us a ring today to discuss further.  We’re very friendly and every question is taken with care, consideration and confidentiality.


What does our Commitment of Care mean to you?

Effective results & information on learning how to communicate with your mind and body in the language it actually it understands….. the language of vibration and communication.

Using our tools and knowledge within your group/family, provides them with a Commitment of Care and Investment from you.  This gives them a unique bond of trust that this really is about them, and their specific needs and wants.

This empowers your team and provides a deeper loyalty towards you and your unit.  This is how we become sustainable and evolve together.

"I’m a trainer in EFT in MBIR and I didn’t understand the meridians properly. It’s been revelationory for me. I’ve seen myself evolve from one place. Being able to see each week how my vision has expanded, my clarity and now I understand the language of my own body and my own emotions in much more depth. It’s just been wonderful and revolutionory, so if anyone is a Practitioner in any other modalities this is so simple and so effective you can work will all people at all levels. It’s not Woo woo, it’s just effective"
Live 4 Energy Training College
Angela Connolly
Energy Trainer
Working with Rachel is such a pleasure. She has helped me shift some old pain and I definitely have way more ease and comfort in my body. She is intuitive and understanding and most importantly patient when I couldn’t ’see’ what she was talking about. She helped me find other ways to release past pain. Sometimes I would find myself thinking ‘how did she know that?’ when she would pick up on exactly what my issue was. I would genuinely work with her again.
Live 4 Energy Training College
Lorraine McGuire
Rapid Transformational Therapist



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