We Exist to Inspire & Guide You Towards a Life of Hope, Possibility & Trust in Yourself; Creating a Compelling, Abundant Life for You & Your Loved Ones.


Live4Energy is a Year Round Training & Coaching College, incorporating the very best techniques of Energy Therapy & Business Coaching for New to Advanced Energy Therapy enthusiasts.

                                                                                                                                               Led by Rachel Earing, (Founder & Trainer for Live4Energy Training College)

"I’ve just finished the 7th week what can I say…. It’s given me a new lease of life! I was suffering from 3 to 4 panic attacks a day, debilitating panic attacks. Not sleeping, not eating, doctors put me on medication. Now I’m no medication; no panic attacks or if I can feel one coming on I know how to deal with it with the tips and tools this course has given me. It doesn’t scare me anymore to deal with my anxiety as well. I’m sleeping better and helping family members with it. I’d advise anyone to give it a go. The whole family can see a difference in me as well”
Amy Fitton
Dental Nurse
"I’m a trainer in EFT in MBIR and I didn’t understand the meridians properly. It’s been revelationory for me. I’ve seen myself evolve from one place and being able to see each week how my vision has expanded, my clarity and I understand the language of my own body and my own emotions in much more depth. It’s just been wonderful and revelationory so if anyone is a Practitioner in any other modalities this is so simple and so effective you can work will all people at all levels. It’s not Woo woo, it’s just effective"
Angela Connolly
Energy Trainer

How do we stimulate and educate the newly trained into becoming a Business rather than a hobby?


Live4Energy has 4 main pillars of strength, which when combined and utilised effectively, help create a truly aligned, energy focused, experience for the rest of your life.

Resulting in joy, peace and love being an integral part of your life on a daily basis.

ENGAGE – Training on HOW to Engage with your emotional, physical and mental signals.

Rachel helps you understand, what has been happening in your life through your physical, mental and emotional states as you experience them as close to real time as possible.  Connect deeply within yourself and make sense of it.

In line with the UN’s Social Development Goals 1, 3 & 17

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TRANSFORM – Weekly Support Meetings With Rachel & Team as you transform.

Rachel runs weekly support meetings on Sunday evening (UK time) for questions, answers and inspirational insights where you connect not only with her and the team, but with the other course members.  Members says this where the magic really comes together as they share, support and evolve through this year long process.

INSPIRE – You Begin to Inspire others.

You will soon begin to share your journey with others. The College offers the opportunity for old and new students to share their knowledge and skills, mentoring and learning together to further their journey of evolvement into their life and as a Business if they wish.

In line with the UN’s Social Development Goals 1, 3 & 17


SUSTAIN – Learn HOW to bring all the above together and sustain your journey.

Rachel shows you through consistency of learning about you how completing the cycles of your unique signals you can move effectively through intense levels of discomfort and bounce back faster and faster each time.

Not only that, the more you help others do the same the further you evolve in the process to your unique go to an abundant life.

In line with the UN’s Social Development Goals 1, 3 & 17

Who is Live4Energy Perfect for?

Investors in Self Development

You wish to invest in your own personal self development and maximise your true potential, not just for a short term fix to get you through a phase, but to give you skills, knowledge and training to be consistent and sustainable for life.

Aspiring Energy Therapists

You wish to learn more about how Energy Therapies work, the background behind EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) TARC EFT, Reiki, MBIR (Mindfulness based Inner Repatterning) , Colours, Chakras, Chinese Meridian Clock, Ho'Opponono, Ancestral Lineage and how to use them as effectively as Energy Therapists do.

Accomplished Therapists, Practitioners, Coaches

You are looking to add to your skill sets , improve consistency of your own self care regime by being part of this revolutionary learning system, which supports all levels of growth and evolvement side by side. Total inclusivity of all levels to learn and grow together. Click here to learn more...

More Than Skin Deep Business

You are an established Business who's values and ethos for their staff are more than skin deep. You are prepared to invest in your staff and colleagues for the long term and reap the rewards as the trust and gratitude turns into deep seated loyalty for your organisation. Results in less sick pay, higher turnover and a lower turnover in staff as they begin to understand how change can be embraced in their own lives and in business. Natural staff wastage will occur through the growing stages of their development without the need for interventions.

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Helping you be excited and inspired about the future, not fearful of it!

Find Your Inner Gold