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Consciously Engageing with Energy (CEE)

Live4Energy’s main objective is to help others CEE, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, using their own powerful vortex.

We work with you to shift through the acension process to your true purpose… joy, love and resilience!  

Fancy joining the journey?  Warning!  You do need to really WANT Change, because working with me Change will happen…

Otherwise enjoy looking around…. you never know you might be back someday –  you are always welcome here x

The First Preventative Health Care package on the market which actually provides significant results on your Mental Health, with a family Mindset.

“Resilience is impossible to attain without risk……”

We live in a society that is constantly telling us to be happy, positive and resilient. Yet, anxiety and stress, the main cause of most Mental Health stress issues, are at epidemic proportions in the western world.

…Leading author and Live4Energy therapist works with families, individuals and businesses to help combat the mental health crisis in the UK.

Using Energy Therapy as the basis for all her mental health work Rachel combines techniques for each individual she works with. She incorporates their spontaneous reflexes to subtle language questioning to obtain the optimum results for all her clients.

“We have left, stunningly important pieces of ourselves, behind closed doors in our life journey so far; usually due to confusion, fear, shame and guilt at particular events in our lives.”

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helped in therapy
books out in 10 months

Working together to evolve your family to a new dimension is the most precious gift you could give each other.

Learn your Families Emotional and Physical Signs of stress.
Learn HOW to become resilient as a Family
New Skills of emotional and physical awareness and engagement.
New language to let go and transform.
New tolerance to inspire others.
New Confidence and Bravery to sustain your new life together.
New found compassion, fun and laughter in your lives.



With extended members 

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Local Authors, Sharing, Inspiring & Fund raising.

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I use Energy Therapy as the basis for all my mental health work Rachel combines techniques for each individual I work with. I am expanding my family programme into the work place, universities, schools and community groups.