Live4Energy’s main objective is to help others THRIVE, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We believe it takes just 5 steps to achieve this:                                       




STEP 4   INSPIRE             


Have you ever found yourself wondering why the same type of events/circumstances keep happening to you throughout your life?

You think you’ve tackled the hardest lesson of your life and then without any great warning you find yourself on an even bigger spiral of events. Resulting in being even more overweight, anxious, more emotionally drained in your relationships, more financially frightened, and life is just becoming more and more difficult to cope with?


These spiral of events in your life are certainly NOT because your stupid.  Neither is it because you haven’t managed to logically work out, what and why, it keeps happening!

So why can’t you sustain the cycle of change?


Scientist can now prove that memories are passed down through generations, attaching themselves to our energy field.  Now some of these memories may be wonderful and give us purpose and focus on how to move forward however, there are many negative emotional memories which we question “are they serving you well right now“?

(When I say release memories I do not mean forget them but release the old emotion attached to it. For example, emotion attached to an angry face, sarcastic voice, etc, which when released allows you and your energy field to react from a new perspective when a similar event happens again.  Thus allowing a change in behaviour patterns)

  • Imagine you know the skills and methods of releasing old memories blocked in your lifespan and beyond.
  • Imagine what would you achieve?
  • Imagine it relieved some physical pain too.

  • Imagine being able to help those you love and care about do the same.
  • Imagine not only discovering what Your dreams are….. but fulfilling them.
  • Imagine being at PEACE with yourself.


Although there are 5 Steps to achieving this,   PLEASE do not be fooled into thinking that once you have gone through each stage you are FREE and that’s it….

There’s no….   I’m OK now! I’m fixed! I can go back to doing everything I did before!.

Yes there’s is always a catch…. isn’t there!

You see life isn’t meant to be that simple.  Sorry!

Life works in a SPIRAL and when you start the journey of being Awake, you’ve taken the first step off the hamster wheel you’ve been living on.  You’re energy system has protected you your whole life and it will keep testing you to make sure you want to make these changes to your life.  So you will keep being given new life challenges, emotionally, physically and spiritually (energy field) to make sure you want these changes badly enough.

So unless you keep ENGAGING, TRANSFORMING, and INSPIRING you will SPIRAL on a new but familiar wheel.

The question is……    Which Spiral do you want to be on?

  • Live4Energy are FUN, ENGAGING and will help you TRANSFORM emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • We INSPIRE you and your family to work together to take these simple yet life changing skills with you for life.
  • We provide SUSTAINABLE environments for you to keep working together and with others.


The higher your Vibrational Frequency the quicker and easier it is to bounce back from the following:- (the more Positive and Sustainable your Emotional and Physical state is)

Feeling like a victim or powerless Experiencing yo-yo (up and down) self-esteem or weight loss/gain
Feeling shy or awkward / Feeling unworthy Easily influenced by peers (peer pressure)
Allowing others to take advantage of you Being bullied  /  Bullying others
Experiencing self-doubt/lacking confidence/in a slump Lying/sneaking/cheating
Being irresponsible / Being disrespectful Lacking self-respect
Feeling Shame / Embarrassment Experiencing cold feet/fear/nervousness
Feeling down/sadness/depressed Experiencing anger/”life’s not fair”
Being negative/having a “bad” attitude Feeling moody or grumpy
Feeling “jinxed” or experiencing bad luck Not achieving their goals
Drifting/lack of direction Thinking they needs things/circumstances to be happy
Reluctant to change Making mistakes / bad decisions
Experiencing disappointment or failure Feeling Guilty or not worthy

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