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“Neuro” meaning nerve, refers to the way we gather information from the outside world, using our five senses.

“Linguistic” is the study of language. This refers to the way we make sense of that information by organising it into the structure of language.

“Programming” is our way of controlling something. This refers to how we interpret the world and how we control our daily actions, choices and behaviours.

Created by John Grindler and Richard Bandler in the 1970’s NLP is the understanding of how people use their belief system and analytical thinking to direct the behaviour that drives them forward.  Once this is understood language and hypnosis is used to clear out the negative influences or blockages such as fears, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, trauma, or anxiety.  This makes room for the new positive changes to take their place.

Many people study NLP to help them become more effective in their chosen field. The patterns can be employed across a wide area of applications ranging from fields as diverse as education, team building, sales, marketing, personal development, leadership and coaching. Wherever there is human interaction and growth potential, NLP can be used to develop and enhance performance.

IMAGINE       Whatever you do!

You are Enough!           You are worthy!        You are Significant!      

You are Successful!


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