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Live4Energy Super Learning is broken down into areas of learning specific for certain age groups and vibrational frequencies.

The children (0-12 years approx) and young people (12 – 25 years) are finding their senses are very heightened and unless they are shown how and what to do with the information coming into their energy system, they are struggling to manage without suffering from emotional, mental or physical discomfort.

Adults are also struggling with the knowing what to do with their bodies, emotions and mental states of anxiety, stress, depression and physical pain, and the NHS is struggling to manage the volume of cases coming their way.

Live4Energy uses techniques and skills at the highest end of the energy frequency spectrum to help guide children through to adults to become Super Learners by using ALL that they are rather than just the 10% of their frontal lobe intelligence.

This involves teaching them to read blindfolded through our ICU Academy programme.  Yes, seeing without their eyes.

This is resulting in them becoming Super Leaders in their families, schools and businesses by being able to use more creativity, confidence, resilience, compassion, kindness, love and deep trust of themselves above all others.

Live4Energy reveals it’s Brand New Super Learning Academy  for young people and adults to release burnout,  limiting beliefs, expand their minds, heal traumas, relieve anxiety, stress, panic attacks and to trust and use their natural emotional, mental and physical attributes through a mixture of the very latest scientific research with ancient techniques and wisdom mixed with brand new innovative skills & insights to work with the modern world we live in.

Give a Certificate of Proof to employers of emotional intelligence which shows that you know how to implement and self regulate on a daily/weekly or monthly basis for stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, muscle & joint pain and so much more.

Our mission is to provide and add to the scientific research behind the techniques we use, which provide the opportunity for all who work with us to be involved in this process.

With this in mind Live4Energy TC gives very measured checklists to be completed on a regular basis by each member.  If you wish to be involved in the research and add to the statistics of the healing work we do then you may submit your findings to the college to include in the research pot.

This Membership incorporates a Checklist of Burnout symptoms to keep you on track and aligned with the flow of exercises you will be taking.  This involves a honest review of where you are at right now on a daily, weekly or monthly update that you complete at certain parts of the membership to assess your progress along the way.  This may be submitted to the College if you wish to be part of our research studies. (No obligation)

Disclaimer: This is not a medical document, not does it claim to be. This is a list of symptoms lifted from our Governments website which is used as a guide for each individual to assess their progress in a very precise informed way.

This is a total integrative approach to learning which requires consistency of techniques being incorporated into individuals lives as they live their daily lives.

Information is given in short manageable bite size chunks to be completed each day with deeper work integrated through full day immersive learnings online / face to face.

Raising a new generation of Super Learners is part of the mission of Live 4 Energy Training College.

To enable humanity to evolve for the greater good it is time to combine the latest scientific knowledge, skills and ancient wisdom in the most unique ways to use creatively for the greater good of our planet, says Founder & Trainer Rachel Earing.

When we allow the wisdom from all of this to unfold and embrace in all that we think, do and create, previously unimaginable beautiful things can and are happening around the world.

In a world that appears to many to be consumed by apathy, despair and pain, another world alongside it is unfolding of joy, possibility and hope, and that is what we bring to people here.

Experts around the globe are in agreement that relaxation and fun are critical to the healthy holistic development of children or all ages.  Rachel  is now taking this to a whole new level where children are still in their Super Learning flow state and adults learn to use their innate abilities in a whole new way.  

At the start of these Programmes you are taught to radiate your intuition and creativity using your magnetic field and as you progress and complete all the sessions, your amazing energy then radiates through your family and community and in turn has a powerful and positive effect on our Planet.

This work has already been very successful in the UK and other countries around the world, with outstanding results. 

It’s now time to empower more people around the world, to reinforce what they already know rather than supress it, by raising and increasing our natural intuitive abilities.

The abilities of the ICU Programme are available in the film SuperHuman or read more in the blog below.


If you wish to participate in any of these learning programmes and wish to chat further then please get in touch below.

Rachel Earing,

Live4Energy Training College



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