Hello and thank you for being here with me today.

I’m Rachel Earing, Master Trainer and Owner of Live4Energy Training College, and I’d like to share some, of why, I created this course content to share with the world today.  It may just resonate with some of you.

Rachel’s first “proper” job was at Granada Television when she was 19 years old.  Straight out of College she spent the next decade working with the most creative, inspirational and driven people you could wish for.   

She met the man of her dreams, married and had 3 beautiful boys.  Life could really not have been better, until she realised her husband did not feel the same way anymore.  Life suddenly turned from blissful to broken overnight and she fell apart with no toolkit or manual to fall back on for emotional support.

Overnight she was left with 3 boys under 6, the dog, no job (she’d taken redundancy when they moved back up north), and a mortgage, as the love of her life moved out to love someone else.

As much as Rachel tried to step up and move forward, she really spent the next decade on self destruct.

She was unable to focus, trust others or her own decision making.  She was desperate to be in control of everything at home, but unable to even function properly. Some days only managing to get the boys fed, clothed & to school .

She crazed structure and stability, and yet wanted to just run away and hide.  She wanted to be rescued, and not take responsibility for anyone or anything; yet the boys leaving her side sent her into complete panic.  She would reorganise, redecorate, visit friends, go out, drink to much, anything to keep busy and not have to spend time alone. 

She wanted answers that were not forthcoming, and created conversation over conversation in her head, until she drove herself crazy with the “not being enough” which seemed to spread into every area of her life.

Until, one day now in her early 40’s she just walked out of my 9 to 5, soul destroying new job, and never went back.  She’d reached rock bottom.  Rachel was emotionally and physically exhausted.  and couldn’t even hold a conversation.  It was time to be alone and reassess her life, then rebuild it with firm solid foundations.

6 years later and her life has transformed from that constant Self Sabotage mode, to one of continuous learning into Self Mastery. A journey she believe never ends so Mastering it has become a joy that unfolds daily.

Rachel understands everyones’ version of Self Mastery will differ, but for her, it means she has found inner peace, joy and harmony in her life.

Happily it has led her to her soul mate.  She is also mortgage free and even has properties she rents out with her partner.  Rachel is running a business which fits the loves of my life, her boys and helping others move their vibrational frequencies from despair to mastery, and walking her beautiful dogs.

She realised that as stupid as she thought she was, with no degree or qualifications past A Level status, she actually really enjoyed learning “about things that interested her”!

After all those unanswered questions Rachel realised she LOVED to learn about hers and OTHERS life journeys, experiences and their emotional reactions along the way.

She LOVES to learn HOW to research and find her own answers to those burning questions, which always seemed to reflect something inside her she didn’t like, but learnt to accept.  Then WOW, piece by piece things started to change for the better.

Rachel stopped wanting to be rescued and learnt that she could and can effectively look after herself and others in ways that were really truly powerful, yet still be at peace with herself despite all the chaos in the outside world around her.

Rachel studied NLP, EFT, Reiki, Nutrition, MBIR, Hypnosis and discovered, Dr Bruce Lipton, Stephen Porges, Donna Eden, Abraham Hicks and learnt to trust herself above all others.

Rachel now encourages her students and clients to do the same.  Learn to trust themselves above all others.

Are you ready to join us?