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Here Angela Millett your Yoga Teacher and Rachel Earing discuss TARC Yoga on an interview for Quest 79 in 2021.

We look forward to you joining the course and letting us know how you get on.  All feedback is welcome as it helps us improve every step on the way with our service.

There are 12 Meridians below to cover and there are 5 videos on each meridian.  You have the option to follow the routine that we have given you and then to mix and match your routines as you please once you understand the background on how to use the moves.

Stomach Meridian



Small Intestine




Triple Burner/Warmer

Gall Bladder



Large Intestine

If you wish to become a practitioner in TARC Yoga down the line then this course must be completed fully and a written journal and/or video diary should be kept with you findings of how it has impacted your life as you progress through the course.

You will then be able to progress to Level II for your certification as a TARC Yoga Practitioner where you may join the waiting list.  Please get in touch with Rachel Earing directly via email.

Have fun with TARC Yoga and we look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Community.


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