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Terms and Conditions

Welcome!  As we get started, it is important that we have a good understanding as to what our agreement is.  Below are the details of what is included in this agreement.


The services to be provided by Live4Energy (Rachel Earing) to the Client are:

  • Meeting in person, telephone or Online via Website /Zoom/Skype/Messenger/Facetime session(s) to be scheduled as mutually agreed between Rachel and the Client (or their parent/legal representative, if the Client is a minor).  Additional sessions can also be scheduled as mutually agreed upon. With the Understanding that Facetime and Messenger video calling are not as secure as Zoom and Skype. 10 minutes will be allocated for connecting and reconnecting lost online sessions before rescheduling for another time.
  • Throughout our working relationship, I will involve the Client with Mastery of Your Emotional Self (Tap Around The Clock), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), MBIR (Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) work, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Nutritional advice and/or other creative activities. Together, I and the Client will work to help the Client discover and achieve his/her goals.  With the Client’s knowledge and support, and without violating confidentiality of specifics shared in the sessions, I will provide a verbal report to the Client (parent/legal representative if the Client is a minor).  This is done to assist the Client (parent/legal representative) in understanding their progress as well as learning how they can continue to provide support and assistance for themselves (to their child).
  • For online courses this will be Zoom sessions, Journalling, Case study and exam evaluations and Mentoring.

The Client understands that Sessions are not counselling sessions, nor will any sessions be a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, or substance abuse treatment. The Client (or their parent/legal representative, if Client is a minor) will seek independent professional guidance for legal or medical health matters. If, in the course of the session, I believe it would be more beneficial for the Client to pursue other therapy or medical assistance, I will make that recommendation. 

The Client, or parent/legal representative, understands that all decisions in these areas are exclusively theirs, and I, as the Trainer / Practitioner, acknowledge that decisions and actions regarding them are their sole responsibility.

(Live4Energy) Rachel assumes that each person in the relationship is guided by his or her values and beliefs and energy system. As a Trainer / Practitioner, my guiding values are rooted in Spirituality.  I respect the different values and beliefs of others.  I will not impose my values and beliefs on another, and will not refuse services to people with differing values and beliefs.

Resources & Payments

Resources supplied are done so in good faith and payment is required in advance of receipt.  Payment may be made by Stripes / Paypal / Online Banking (please see Paypal for their terms and conditions).  Payments made also be made by Eventbrite (again please see Eventbrite for their terms and conditions).

Refunds are subject to discussion between buyer and Live4Energy by email and photographic evidence of receipt of damaged or inadequate goods.


This is a confidential relationship and I, as the Practitioner, agree to keep all information strictly confidential, except in those rare situations where the Client’s records might be subpoenaed by a court of law or where such confidentiality would violate the law.  This can include, but is not limited to, thoughts of harming self or someone else, child abuse, elder abuse, and all issues covered in Safeguarding my clients. Otherwise, no information or materials will be shared with outside sources or other people regarding our work, except with express written permission of the Client. (or parent/legal representative if Client is a minor). Refer to separate GDPR Document.

 Other Details

1. This relationship is for a specific period of the Trainer/Practitioner & Client’s choosing.

2. Each session will be by phone, person or Online.  Emails may be available between sessions.

3. 24-hour notice is requested for cancellation of a session.   

DISCLAIMER: The Client (and parent/legal representative, if Client is a minor) is the sole decision-maker in the session. Any and all actions or consequences resulting from the sessions are the responsibility of the Client. The Client (and parent/legal representative) releases the Practitioner of all liability pertaining to the services rendered in the working relationship.

MEDIA DISCLAIMER: I agree to grant Live4energy, Rachel Earing permission to record on photography film and/or video or pictures of my participation and/or the undersigned minor children.  I further agree that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed or online materials used to promote Live4energy, Rachel Earing, and further, that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.



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