Why not give yourself a free Health Awareness MOT with this free questionnaire and receive a breakdown of which areas of your meridian body need more attention?

We look at 12 different meridians which cover a 24 hour period within your internal and external world.

Why not see if they are running smoothly together or need a tweek here and there?

We cover the following Meridians which are named as such because they usually run through a main organ.

Heart / Small Intestine / Bladder / Kidney / Pericardium / Triple Warmer / Gall Bladder / Liver / Lungs / Large Intestine / Stomach / Spleen.


DISCLAIMER:  These are not Medical documents and should not be interpreted as such in any way. Please consult your doctor with any issues you may have and use this as a guide of a natural way to improve your meridians system.

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We also have brand new online course Tap Around The Clock looking deeper into the 12 meridians and how to improve each emotion and physical symptom that arises from each area in a unique way just for you.

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