Welcome to Our 79 Inner Gold Guides Around The World

Rachel Earing

 Live4Energy Energy Therapist & Co-Host of Quest 79

Karen Darke

Mindset Coach, Brainspotting & Founder of Quest 79

Brad Yates

Energy Therapist & Trainer

Adam Cox

Hypnotherapist to Celebrities, CEO's and Even Royalty

Angela Connolly

Energy Therapist & Trainer


International Rugby PLayer and Brainspotting Coach

Solveig Nygård Eliassen

Representing NORWAY Energy Therapist

Joanne Brown

Transformation & Well Being Coach

Aiste CHapman

Artist and TARC EFT Practitioner

Angela Millett

TARC Yoga / EFT / TARC EFT & Yoga

Samantha Whittaker

Reiki Master

Daria Ates


Mandy Jane Lane

Reiki Master & Cuddle Therapist

Manisha Solanki

Pravana Dance UK

Vikki Parker

Artists & Doodler

Irene Till

Crystal Therapist & Reiki Master

Marcus Pearson

Safe & Sound Therapist

Anne Louise Harbutt

Intuitive Transformation Coach

Jessic Sato & Christy Metcalf

Business Coaches

Jenni Dunman

Law Of Attraction Coach

Rachel Jacobson

Eden Energy Therapist