Welcome to Our 79 Inner Gold Guides Around The World

Karen Darke (MBE)

Quest 79 CIC Co-Founder. Inspirational Leader, Adventurer & Coach

Rachel Earing

Quest 79 CIC Co-Founder. Intuitive Energy Therapist Trainer, Author & Mentor

Tal Ben Shahar

Harvard University most sucessful Lecturer on Happiness

Matthew DeSantis

BHUTAN Guide Talking All about What is Gross National Happiness

Chechay Nudip

BHUTAN Inner Gold Guide

Samantha Jayne

UK Intuitive Business Coach

Pete Cohen

UK Expert In Human Behaviour

Graham Webber

UK Anxiety Hypno-therapist & Trainer

Anna Skelton

Gong Business School Founder

Wim Chamlet

Head of Gairloch High School

Brad Yates

Energy Therapist & Trainer

Adam Cox

Hypnotherapist to Celebrities, CEO's and Even Royalty

Angela Connolly

Energy Therapist & Trainer


International Rugby PLayer and Brainspotting Coach

Leona Burton

CEO Mums In Business International

Jenetta Barry

Founder of World Jennys Day & The Epiphany Process

Jo Dean

Spiritual Teacher & Medium

Adam Gornall

Therapist, Consultant & Life Coach

Solveig Nygård Eliassen

Representing NORWAY Energy Therapist

Joanne Brown

Transformation & Well Being Coach

Aiste CHapman

Artist and TARC EFT Practitioner

Angela Millett

TARC Yoga / EFT / TARC EFT & Yoga

Samantha Whittaker

Reiki Master

Daria Ates


Veronica Palomba

Animal Flow Portugal

Manisha Solanki

Pravana Dance UK

Vikki Parker

Artists & Doodler

Emrys Skye

Sound Therapy Gong Baths

Marcus Pearson

Safe & Sound Therapist

Anne Louise Harbutt

Intuitive Transformation Coach

Louise Fletcher

Cape Verde Kindergarten Help

Pam Sotiropoulou

Athletic Super Agers 79+

Lorraine Maguire

New Zealand Hypnotherapy

Alexia Fenton

Litter Picking Incentive with Healing4life

Sanjay Garge

INDIA Meditation school

Jill Ladd

Animal Flow Workshop

Catherine Gestin

Artistic Meditation Workshop

Anna Skelton

Gong Bath Training School Mallorca

Sarah Gilbert

Little Sunflower Childrens Therapy

Natalie Bachiri

LUXEMBERG Personal Peace Process

Sandy Holt

Sharing Tree Energy

Katherine Cresswell

79 Brides Wellbeing Workshop

Nikki Rubino



Owner Chi Yoga - NIGERIA

Mandy Worsley & Julie Robinson

Founders of Mini Minds Matter


Reverse Mentoring for Stressed Out Mums

Anna Sinclair

The Recode Therapist