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There is nothing more attractive than being in control of your own personal power and right now many have long forgotten how attractive they really are.

Attraction is a very personal stimulation and it stems from your knowing your own personal energy system and being able to decipher unique sensations and signals your mind and body give you every day. o Navigating them is a skill that takes practice and can literally quantum jump you through to the next stage of your life if used correctly.  

Quantum Physics and Epigenetics research is giving statistical evidence to how our personal energy system works and it is now available for us to learn and pass onto those we care about.  Combine this research with the ancient spiritual knowings and techniques being used in the Energy Therapy field, and it really feels like a new world is coming together in the here and now.  A very exciting time to be alive indeed!

Let’s have a look at 7 top tips of Tapping (TARC EFT) that will help you combine your own scientific data and consciousness in the simpliest of ways.


Before you start to tap, it is important to assess the intensity of the presenting issue (emotional, mental or physical?). To do this, rate each intense sensation you are feeling on a scale of 0-10 . This gives a base line to start your research data on. Use the scale like this : 10 is the worst intense feeling and 0 is you feel nothing at all. eg: Anger right now is an 8 This stage is the most important stage of all as it’s bringing your awareness very mindfully to the area in concern. Usually the area you have been hiding from and ignoring from for so long….. so huge high five for diving in today! The AIM is to reduce the figure down to ideally a 0 or whatever you are comfortable with. If you have more than 1 symptom and the intensity for all of them is very high then score them all and use the word “that” to describe all the sensations in your first few rounds of tapping. This should help to start separating the symptoms with more ease and less overwhelm as you continue.


Following on from “that” last paragraph….. be gentle with yourself and only work on 1 issue at a time wherever possible. Burnout will throw a hundred different symptoms at you at once, so just sit with 1 issue at a time and give it the space it needs to heal. For example: 5 minutes tapping on your face points without any script in the toilet in your break at work, will be more effective than no tapping at all throughout the day. If that’s all you can manage, then do that as often as you can until you can create more space/time to do more.


Feeling silly tapping on your face and body is completely normal, and is a common reaction for those who are just getting started with EFT tapping. It can take some time for an individual to feel comfortable enough to tap on their face and body, so it’s important to be patient with yourself as you begin this journey. Trust the Process and be consistent. Try this script: “Even though I feel silly tapping on my face and hands, I still love/like and accept myself”. This may bring in some giggles, sighs, yawns or other bodily releases. Please know this is all part of the process as your body starts to release the old information out of your system.


Following on from the point above, many people find it helpful to enlist the support of a friend or family member. By having someone to help you through the process and provide emotional support, you are far more likely to stick with it and see results in reducing stress. The bonus is your friend or family member is also clearing at the same time too! You can also learn more about Tapping by joining online Practitioner courses just for your own benefit. You don’t have to become a coach to learn the skills effectively. It can also be a very cost effective way to benefit from hours of Therapy with others on your course.


It can be a help to have a script or an idea on what to say when you tap but you do not need to have the “right words” for it to work. Your feeling space is the most important aspect of EFT than any other so if you can tune into that you’re smashing it!


You do not always need to follow the “correct” procedure. Whatever you have been taught or learnt about Tapping, please know that you can’t really do it incorrectly. Tapping is a very forgiving process and steps can be missed out if you can’t remember them. For example: If emotions are very high then you can skip the set up of the side of the hand tapping and just go straight into the face, body or hand points. Focus more on the sensations of the presenting symptom and admitting they are there than the correct tapping sequences. If you’re tapping on points you remember during a highly charged time you’re doing brilliantly!


You might not like this one folks! Emotional distress is actually beneficial to helping clear a big issue. This is one of the hidden secrets in the world of tapping. When clients cry, laugh, dash to the loo or want to shout out loud I know there’s been a big release and they were in a safe place for it to happen. It’s through these encounters clients realise why they come to a Therapist so they can feel safe and held when the intensity of their energy system is at its highest and most confusing for them. Trust the process and keep tapping through the distress. It will be worth it.

Well, there you go! There are literally tons more tips I could give you but of course we have to save something for the next time we spend together don’t we.

Sending you so much love and joy on your tapping journey and if you have any questions or feedback (I love feedback!)  drop me a Hey Rach can you help me with….. via email or pop it in the Facebook group and I’ll get something over to you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to use the videos in my YouTube channel or if you want more science then check out the scientists and conscious folk in The Wyrd World of Knowing (series II coming at the end of January too!)

Take care till next time!


Rachel Earing

Live4Energy Training College


By Rachel

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