Mon. May 20th, 2024

Collecting data from the quantum field via the random event generator, the Wyrdoscope, is based on the Model of Pragmatic Information (MPI).   This model states that when there is a system that has an organised boundary to the environment and can internally self organise, then you can show mathematically that entanglement must happen.

This is know as organizational closure in MPI.

In humans, this could be eg mother-child, two people in love or a group that syncs up in an event like It’s Mental Live recently. Human psyche is full of complementary observables, therefore you will get entanglement relations in this group.

When a Wyrdoscope is part of such entanglement relations, the two Random Event Generators within the Wyrdoscope get entangled as well and start to show correlations. All the data does is show these correlations.

The second point of the MPI is, that there must be pragmatic information in the system.
Pragmatic information is the meaning of a given information measured by its action on a system. So, there must always be meaning attached. eg: a speakers come on stage and the chart peaks during their specific talk, or a sound workshop hold a day retreat and the peaks throughout the day show specific reported peak emotional states
We also need to take into account the probability that a peak happens at the time of a meaningful event, which the software obviously cannot do, unless we audio, video or time the capture in correlation to the peak.
Tthe Random Event Generators correlate by the nature of randomness in 0’s and 1’s, that’s why the p-score chart present the odds against chance.  The most interesting data to date are from an ICU Unit in Spain that recorded moments of death and the peakes that occur when there is very little probability against chance.  This data was captured by the team in 2022/23.

Does this leave it open that the probability of chance of your organisation having corrolating data to a peak memorable event could be recorded scientifically and captured on chart like this is now possible?

It certainly would appear so! 

Live4Energy are delighted to have such a Wyrdoscope available for local events, businesses and community based projects so we can create and collaborate together a more coherent and radient way to work.

What will our communities and business look and feel like this time next year?

A very interesting prospect indeed.

Rachel Earing

Founder Live4Energy Training College


By Rachel

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