We offer a service to Pay It Forward or Receive, Emotional & Physical Health Awareness to improve knowledge, skills and understanding for all the family.  Imagine a whole family able to work together at the same time, yet on an individual & supportive basis.  Knowing that they are improving their own life and taking the ones they care about with them on the journey is one of the kindest, fun and enlightening gifts we can share together.

Intelligence is now being recognised by experts in Mental and Physical Health as more than what is achieved professionally or academically.  Intelligence covers the whole spectrum of who you are, what you respond to and how you respond; ie including your emotional and mental health.

PAY IT FORWARD E.T.I.S SCHEME – Engage, Transform, Inspire, Sustain

  • We offer the opportunity for families struggling to move forward emotionally or physically.  This may be due to long NHS waiting lists, lack of finances or too much red tape to jump through.
  • We offer free or substantially discounted Workshops or one to one sessions depending on family requirements.
  • We assess the whole family not just the individual.  Why? Because every individual problem effects the family you live and deal with on a daily basis.
  • We offer face to face, online and telephone support.
  • We have 24 hour support via Social Media Platforms, online and paper formats.


If you wish to register as a family to receive such assistance please email with a brief introduction about your family and a telephone number for us to get back in touch with you and arrange an initial consultation.


Pay It Forward below today and receive a FREE copy of the EBook

“The Spiral of Life”  By Rachel Earing.

You may wish to Pay It Forward for a family to who needs this help now and Donate towards keeping this service going.  We’re here to help to Bridge The Gap between a struggling NHS and the growing demand in Mental Heath Support required by families all over the UK.

Childhood trauma is reaching epidemic proportions and we endeavour to support families of all ages gain new skills and knowledge to support their ongoing needs in this ever changing world.

All monies donated go towards running Workshops, or one to one sessions with families in the UK, either face to face or Online.

  • To join our Pay It Forward E.T.I.S Scheme please select a payment option below. 
  • You will receive a Free copy of the EBook ,“The Spiral of Life” by Rachel Earing, via email as a thank you for all donations.   
  • £10 or over Free Ebook PLUS  3 x Colour PDF Charts (Negative, Physical & Positive), via download.
  • £30 or over receive Free Ebook, PLUS 3 x Colour PDF Charts, via download  PLUS 3 x A3 Charts in Post (Email Postal address please) & Free APP downloadable for Apple Devices.

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