Welcome to our Quest 79 Inner Gold Guides global vision for the

7th September 2021

This beautiful day is a follow on from the 79th Day of the Year event (20th March) of 79 Healings by Rachel Earing.

It was such an intoxicatingly beautiful time she wanted to spread the love further, hence our event on the 7.9.21.

We now invite you to attend one of the 79 Inner Gold Guides Workshops/events on the day with some of our 79 Inner Gold Workers, who will be giving FREE sessions in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) / NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  / Sound Therapy / Reiki / MBIR (Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning) / TARC EFT (Background to EFT) / TARC Energy Dance / TARC Yoga (Emotional Yoga) / Hypnotherapy / Cuddle Therapy / and so much more with Guides from all over the world!

We aim to spread happiness around the Globe and already have 8 countries signed up with our 79 Inner Gold Guides so please do help us spread the word and share our page on your Social Media!

We are also raising funds on the day for Quest 79 to carry on this amazing work throughout the year, or donate to a charity of your choice.  

Please help us spread the word and share our Quest with others and Donate below.

Find Out More about how Quest 79 came to fruition with the remarkable adventurer, Gold winning Para Olympian, Mindest and Brainspotting Coach, Dr Karen Darke (MBE)


We are encouraging everyone who reads this page to play the Schuman Resonance throughout the day to enhance the Quest 79 theme.  This is the earths natural vibrational frequency as at 7.83hz is as close to 7.9 as we can get vibrationally to help us all evolve with our planet in the most natural of ways.

Attendees complete a questionnaire before and after the Workshops to help gather Happiness Data (optional)

Attendees Donate towards Quest 79 / Charities as an energy exchange for the days events.

0700             Opening Drumming Ceremony

0710              Workshops Commence around the world (TBC)

79 Inner Gold Guides work collectively to bring harmony and happiness and eleviate stress and anxiety by helping individuals tap into “Inner Gold Essence”.

2015        79 Inner Gold Guides come together (Zoom) to send healing to each other.

2030       79 Inner Gold Guides now send healing out towards the planet

2100       Drumming Ceremony Ends the Inner Gold Guides Event