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TARC – (Tap Around The Clock) Level I & Level II

If you follow Abraham Hicks, Donna Eden, Dr Bruce Lipton, Stephen Porges, Gary Craig, or Tony Robbins, then you will understand how addressing our emotions helps us re-address aspects of our lives such as:


Romantic Relationships

Physical Health

Emotional Intelligence

Character & Behaviour


Family & Friends


Learning & Education

Connection with Self

TARC (Tap Around The Clock) brings together many of these understandings, and blends them with an education around the Chinese Meridian Clock, mixing ancient & modern knowledge. 

This powerful and deeply incisive course, starts with You, working on You.

Once you’ve completed the 12 weeks of working on you; you may move on to Level II where we delve deeper into your Ancestral Lineage using colours, shapes, language as well as the meridian points in your body.

You may then share these new skills by working with others.   Helping to educate and transform their lives too.  All of this, and throughout the process you are still continually working on you, and continuing the journey of evolvement.  YES, you are that interesting!

Continuity is KEY to Self Mastery, and that’s exactly what this course is teaching you.  Each stage cements in further when we start to share it with others and keep repeating the process.  This happens naturally during our weekly, then monthly Zoom meetings together

Once learned, it can be applied to every aspect of your life to truly enhance your journey of Self Mastery.

But if you’re ready now , truly ready, to make some significant changes to your life, and in a time scale that’s realistic to everything else that’s going on in your life right now, then Book Now and join our growing community enjoying the most enlightening time of their life


TARC combines modern healing techniques with ancient knowledge, to bring about a step by step process of vibrational healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually, through your body, by using EFT Tapping points, the Chinese Meridian Clock, Colours, Ancestral Lineage and Ho’ Oponoonono.

TARC, factors in the physical timescale it usually takes a person to shift energetically through their emotional timeline to a vibration that brings them greater joy.  When worked on with these 5 to 10 minutes videos each day, this process usually takes about 12 weeks to cement the first changes, into your mental and physical state.

What does vibrational shift mean?

Emotions have vibrations, just as a chair or a table has been proven to vibrate at a very low frequencies in the law of physics; it has now been evaluated that emotions also have measurable frequencies. (See Dr David Hawkins for his conscious emotional frequency charts.)

This means we may help shift our emotional state to enable physical and mental healing through many different ways.  Most of which are natural and through using our energy system which is magnetic and holds frequencies throughout our body.

This means, the more conscious we become about our emotional journey then the sooner we are able to shift through the emotional scale to more positive states and stay there longer and longer each time.

TARC allows this process to happen naturally, whilst you get on with living your everyday life.  Completing the short videos each day to start the process unfolding and meet up each Sunday 7pm UK time via Zoom to discuss your findings.  (You are fully supported through this course).

It shows you the following:

TARC came about when I realised I needed to supply my clients with work they could take home and involve their family unit with, without it being obvious.

I developed 3 charts using the Chinese Meridian Clock and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping points, to show where emotions became stuck and where tapping certain points helped them to shift negative emotions or heighten if they were good ones!

These charts developed into a book “The Spiral of Life”, an Apple App, and then ultimately an online course.

Unwittingly, I had developed a whole new tool for EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which covered the background to how it works.

As we continued on this journey, throughout the course we discovered that not only did the clock system open up chapters of an individuals life to delve into and become fully conscious off, but the further we delved into it, that our bodies were actually a Timeless ARC making peace with our Ancestors emotions.

TARC – Tap Around The Clock has truly opened up a new way of working with EFT and has now been certified by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association).  This means that if you wish to take Level II through to Practitioner status you may.

TARC has been endorsed by some of the top names in the Tapping world.  Feel free to watch my interview with Brad Yates,  one of the top USA, EFT Tapping experts.  Brad has worked with some of “The Secret” stars, Dr Jo Vitale & Bob Doyle, click here to view the video on Youtube. 

Here are some ladies who are working on TARC at the moment.

The ladies here vary from Tapping newbies, to Coach’s / Practitioners and EFT Trainers and we would  love you to join us for this incredible experience of YOU and YOUR ANCESTORS life.


Extended access to the 12 Week course.

24 weeks (nearly 6 months of working on and mastering you).





£495.00 during these unprecedented times only!

I encourage continuous development to all my trainees, which is why I have opened up this package for a 12 month period only at this price whilst these unprecedented times are at their peak.

I have made this offer as affordable as possible considering the state of the economy at the moment and watching most other Coaches bump up their prices right now.  This doesn’t sit well with who I am and my beliefs of helping those in genuine need right now.

I’m here to help as many people as possible during my time here, and welcome you to join this fun, enlightening and sometimes crazy experience that’s all about YOU.



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