……. Leading author and Live4Energy therapist Rachel Earing, works with families, individuals and businesses to help combat the mental health crisis in the UK.

Rachel spent her early childhood surrounded by nature and just her immediate family, in a small village in the North West of England, and quickly became attuned to natures natural rhythms.  

Her excitement and then confusion came when she arrived in the school environment at 5 years of age and wondered how so many of the children knew each other and how cruel they could be to her innocent questions.  The confusion then continued throughout her life as she felt peoples energies alter when their body language and eye movement and contact didn’t match their tone of voice or language used.  She knew when someone was having an affair, lying, confused or being manipulative and each scenario she came across entrigued her all the more……

Why do people do this? 

Energy Therapist, Trainer and Author, Rachel Earing, is able to assess the patterns behind peoples panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, long term iIlness symptoms (including Long Term Covid), and administer therapy with the presenting symptoms, with immediate effect of starting to work with someone.

6 Sessions is a lot of therapy time with Rachel.  Unless it is a complex case, it is unusual for clients to spend more time with her.  They may then be guided to her online courses where she can administer support weekly, within a group.   Clients then benefit from a like minded community as well as her continuity of care, for usually, up to 12 months.  Clients do like to stay within the Community once they settle into it. The way they learn to share and work together emotionally is quite compellingly beautiful.

Creator of Tap Around The Clock (The Background behind EFT) and Master trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), , MBIR, (Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning), Reiki and Hypnosis, Rachel blends them together with her intuitive skills & life experiences.  

This includes 20+ years in Broadcasting & Production at ITV/Granada TV, then working in schools and small businesses, to help clients think out of the box and be creative with their own life journey.

Rachel works with groups & individuals suffering from intense emotional overwhelm. Overwhelm which often comes from a fear of moving forward and being successful, just as much as guilt, confusion and shame holds us back from achieving the very same thing.

Both of these scenarios can lead to self sabotaging behaviour, as imposter syndrome kicks in when the desire to achieve becomes overshadowed by; 

“Well who am I to deserve this anyway?” / “They always leave me so why bother” / “I’m just unlucky when it comes to love / finances / work”, type thoughts

Rachel empowers individuals to understand their unique physical and emotional signals connected to each everyday experience, so they can move forward with a truly deep understanding of how to navigate their future confidently, consciously and courageously in their unique way…. and more importantly, to be at peace with the journey.

She encourages everyone to take as much time out in nature, to feel, see, smell, taste, listen and open up all of your senses, on this incredible journey towards emotional freedom; so step out and feel that wind on your cheeks; breath in the aroma of freshly cut grass, and gaze up at the sky today for a while.

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books out in 10 months


  • In my working life, I have worked with thousands of people from top celebrities, musicians, writers, children, joiners, plasterers, nurses and the list goes on.
  • My proudest accomplishments are my 3 boys, now young men, publishing 2 books in 10 months and bringing people out of the darkest of places into the brightest technicolour experiences of joy, peace and unconditional love.
  • What am I looking forward to?  Well, I feel like I’m approaching the best years of my life so absolutely everything!



Rachel is expanding her family programme into the work place, universities, schools and community groups.


Accredited as an Advanced Practitioner in EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) a Master Practitioner in NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotist, Reiki Master and holds an Advanced Diploma in Diet & Nutrition, she has developed a 5 Step approach to keeping ourselves emotionally sustainable in this modern word riddled with the stigma of being in a mental health crisis .

“The answers are so simple if we bring ourselves back to using everything that we are, instead of replying completely on our logical brain which holds perhaps 1% of who we think we are.”

If you’re interested in learning 5 Steps to Sustainability, please feel free to sign up for our E.T.I.S programme.

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Balancing your internal clock to the world you live and move around in.  Helping with Jet Lag, Sleep, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  It’s a fabulous download to have on your phone without needing a Wifi connection.  Combating Negative emotions, physical ailments and even has positive affirmations.  What else do you need!

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