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What on earth does this actually mean?

The military have always been trained to within the finest of parameters of their whole system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Some may even say that they are broken wide open for their vulnerabilities to be on view to their whole squad so that trust, integrity and loyalty can be built back up in full view of each other. 

There is no hiding place. 

They sleep in the same rooms together, eat together and are completely immersed in each others energy systems 24/7 until training is complete.

Once complete you all understand completely what each of your colleagues has had to go through to be there to standby your side and walk with you for the rest of your military journey together.

You know each others strengths and weaknesses and where you may need to compensate for each other to fill that gap. 

You know that even though that may happen they will do everything in their power to get back by your side and hold that space for you when you need it.

That takes courage, determination and consistency in showing up day in day out, especially when you don’t want to.

The same can be said for Elite Sports people which involve teamwork such as football or rugby.

Bonding together at this level is priceless and we are in awe at the physical, mental and emotional dedication that this takes from our service personnel.

Using All Your Senses and more....

That speed of light reaction to know that there is something behind you that is a threat.

That instinctive knowing that what you see before you is not a true representation of what is underneath.

Knowing immediately which skill to bring into play to deal with the presenting challenging situation.

Flexible and adjustable to changes of environment, separation in a positive and proactive way which helps society move forward.

Able to think on their feet with quick fire solutions and act on them to resolve immediate and sometimes dangerous situations.

Sitting it out with each other when the going gets tough.

Positive encouragement no matter how impossible it may seem to complete, all the way through the process.

Sharing the joy, tears and genuine pride for each other when it is completed.

Standing by your side when everyone else has left.

This is Energy Work!

It involves your whole system to be intuitively tuned in to work for you at the highest speed possible, with the fewest mistakes and biggest impact.

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What If It's Too Challenging?

People that trigger you may very well end up being your biggest ally.

The people who make fun of you, call you, and belittle you may end up learning their biggest life lessons from your efforts.

What you truly value will be put to the test and you may need to walk away, re-evaluate and start again.

Any of this could happen and it will All Help you grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, if you use it properly.

Is this feeling challenging right now or exciting?

Do you get this from your friends, work colleagues or family?

Would you like to live, work and play in environments that allow you to feel this level of connection?

Do you think you need to join the military to gain this type of dedication, loyalty and respect?

Vulnerabilities Shared Lead to Joy and a Meaningful Life..

All of this is being done now in smaller pockets of time, smaller teams and alongside the life you’re already living.

It’s happening consistently and together.  

Family, friends or work colleagues; are working together in kind, considerate and flexible ways; which allow vulnerabilities to be worked on TOGETHER, as well as time alone.

A team to positively move you ALL forward with your own individual desires, passions, adventures, finances; yet collectively it helps ALL of you move forward in a supported, loyal and truly valuable way?

Powerful experiments to measure have been taking place for the last 30 years.

The Peace Intention: September 14-21, 2009 Lynne McTaggart’s Global Experiment

Intention healed the healers
Most interesting of all was the long-term effect of the experiments
on our participants. Some 44 per cent of our participants noticed
changes in their relationships with others during the experiment,
notably between parents and children, in-laws of every variety or
siblings. Intention apparently helped them to feel more love in
general, whether they knew the recipient or not.
Although more than a quarter either felt more love for their loved
ones or for people they normally dislike or argue with, 41 per cent
felt more love for anyone with whom they came into contact, and
19 per cent found they were getting along better with perfect
In fact, when I asked with whom relationships most improved, the
largest group – 38 per cent – said they noticed the biggest change
in their relationships with strangers. The experience of working
together with thousands of strangers gave many people the ability
to bond with more deeply with each other.

Curious to know more?  Fantastic!  That means you’re ready to start being open and flexible already in creating a new way forward that will give you REAL connection to EXPERIENCE each other, not just a ticking a form on a landing page you need to complete.


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