Sun. May 19th, 2024

Are we asking the right questions or making the right statements when it comes the USA law on Abortion?

Is it really a matter of what is right or wrong in the eyes of others?

The world is in such conflict right now……

We are being shown duality in some of it’s most intense forms right now and it appears to be coming in thick and fast from all angles.

Inclusivity and autonomy is being challenged all over the globe.

It appears to me we were given a respite during global lockdowns.  Time to truly reflect on who we were and what we wanted from life, and so many took that opportunity and used it for such beautiful, incredible regeneration.

Again, systems that have worked for decades are breaking down around the globe and are being rebuilt with new agendas.

I ask:

Are we asking the right questions?

I ask:

If we are fuelled to rise up immediately with indignation and disgust that a decision has been made that we do not agree with; then perhaps giving ourselves the time and peace to delve deeper into our own indignation and disgust is the very 1st step we take?

I ask:

If we actually take the time to delve into our own personal life story and possibly our ancestors too, and we truly resonate with what we remember, should we challenge ourselves to see if we can bring in the regeneration of compassion and love into our own minds and bodies first, before we even contemplate sharing our thoughts, feelings and opinions with others?

I ask:

If help is needed with these processes, is this the 1st gift we should be giving each other, to enable us to regenerate new cells of rememberance?

I ask:

What could we become if we reacted from a place that was deeper than surface level, not intellectually with just our minds, but from a place of compassionate feeling of remembrance in our bodies of what that means for us, and we created something new and beautiful with that?

I ask:

What would our communities look like, and feel like, if we could give that gift to the world before we reacted from that knee jerk reaction of unresolved pain, hurt and despair?

I ask:

Where are you reacting from before you comment and share on these huge issues of inclusivity and autonomy?

I ask:

It is your stuff that you are fuelled by or someone else’s?

I ask:

Do you even dare to look, hear, see or feel yourself in this way?

I ask:

If not, are you able to take deep responsibility for every action you take or word you say, before judging others words and actions?

I ask these questions because I have had to dig deep before I decided to comment on the recent court events in the US because it stirred up so many emotions for me as a mother, daughter, woman, friend and business owner and I knew I needed to question myself first.

Hence, that’s why I’ve shared these questions with you in the hope it will help others and me find some peace with the answers I unravel from this before I started to join in casting judgements, accusations or name calling at others.

I know I trust that what needs to be brought to the surface is being brought to the surface for each and every one of us right now.

Want to off load in a safe space then feel free to DM me….. no judgements here.

You may wish to try my 3 R’s in the meantime.


By Rachel

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