Sat. May 18th, 2024

Let’s face it so many kids today are turned off by science and learning in general.  They don’t see a future for themselves in this crazy world right now.  It’s changing so quickly and the prospects from a traditional sense are just not the same as they were.  Kids today want and need all their senses stimulating to keep them occupied and interested enough to learn.  

Live4Energy Training College offer a unique way of connecting with kids.  We offer alternative pathways of learning which allow kids from 5 to 95 to plug into ALL that they are and find their own style of SUPER LEARNING.

We will be at Rochdale Town Hall on the 5th May for the International ColourScape Experience where we will be in the town hall as part of the Rochdale Science Extraveganza.  It’s free just come along between 11am- 4pm.

Over a 12 Session template bespoke to the group or individuals we work with we plan out a twice weekly get together and engage in radical ways of shifting their focus and attention from scattered and fragmentated learning to structure, stability and Super Learning Skills.

It’s not only teachers that are noticing a difference in how their pupils become calmer and more coherant and intelligent in class.  It has a massive impact on their behaviour at home and within their family and peer groups.


We encourage our kids to embrace their Wyrdness and we say wyrd with a Y as we embrace the Angelo Saxon heritage of our language as bring in the histroy behind where Weird came from.  This take us nicely into the Wyrdoscope Technology we will be using to measure the coherence of the room we will be working in.  We even have 3 Series of a Science & Consciousness Podcast that the kids can listen to in their own time to called The Wyrd World of Knowing with some award winning scientists from around the world.

This Wyrdoscope contains 2 random event generators which will measure the coherence of the room before we begin and as we work through the sequence of learning.  We then compare the graphs (once dowloaded) throughout the sessions to see how the graphs compare to previous sessions.  Any interesting data will be sent through to the IONS 2023 Award Winners from to see how interesting they find it.

All in all the kids will feel involved in cutting edge research into science and consious Super Learning.  One of the other IONS 2023 winners is also investigating Seeing With Eyes with incorporates the blindfolded learning we will be doing.

There is a possibility that the kids may get feedback from both sets of scientists and of not at least they will know they are in the top 1% of Super Learners in this field.

The question we’re all asking ourselves as teachers, trainers and scientists is will this put our children in the top 20% of achievers?

I know I’m really keen to find out!  Are you?

Rachel Earing

Founder of Live4energy Training College


By Rachel

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