Struggling to get your team working together, motivated, on the same page, never mind the same mission & vision?

High sickness levels and feeling burnout out yourself?  

Far too much to do or too many people to take care of, to take some time out and invest in you?

Need inspiration, motivation and space to think, recalibrate, connect and move forward with a team working with you, supporting you and enjoying the journey?

1 full mastermind day at the country’s finest retreat where you will come away understanding yourself at a level you never knew possible with insights, learnings, information and connections you can only dream about to move forward with.

10am Prompt Start

Science / Labyrinth & Nature / Mastermind / Connection

Lunch & Refreshments can be purchased at Utopia.

Experience cutting edge technoogy from winners of the IONS 2023 prize and test the power of your thoughts.  What will your graph look like?

Test the original Princeton PEAR technology which has tested 1000’s of global experiments over the last 25 years.

Mastermind your mission moving forward and collectively we will manifest using natural portals by tapping into the quantum field together.

Zoom check in 3 weeks later to compare results and show data from the day.

6pm Finish

Rachel Earing, forward thinker,  investor of people, human behaviour, all things wyrd is Founder of Live4Energy Training College, The Great Big Yawn CIC; Incredible Edible Brandlesholme Community Garden; Speaker, Author, and Podcaster is delivering 2 one off day Retreats at Broughton Sanctuary this summer!

There is limited availability for each of these days where you can tap into each others brilliant minds, bounce ideas, learn together, grow together and invest time in yourself in the some of the most beautiful surroundings the British countryside has to offer.

Broughton came 2nd to being chosen for the Downton Abbey series and owner Roger Tempest turned Broughton into the most saught after sanctuary in the country with People such as Lynne McTaggart and Wim Holf holding yearly retreats here.

We look forward to you joining us for this jammed packed day of goodness, wholeness, inspiration, motivation and personal growth.

Utopia Walled Garden Bistro

By Rachel

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