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So, what is this shame around female farts, or would you prefer the term bottom burps?

Why on earth is it something that I’m bringing out into the open?

Isn’t this something that we should be hiding away? Not discussing; pretending it wasn’t us; silently carrying on as if nothing actually happened.

Why is it important that women should celebrate their female farts?

Why is this making me feel giggly as I’m saying this…. I’m dictating into my phone, and it’s making me giggle hearing the words and it’s because of exactly…that.   My body responding in an involuntary way though this time through giggles.  Giggling with shock and joy, at the thoughts of actually uncovering this taboo subject is making me childishly giddy, and God forbid that a woman gets childishly giddy!  For we will never been taken seriously again!

Ladies are we so repressed, (and I know that’s nothing new to us) that we lost our sense of humour and forgot how to laugh at ourselves too? We have made huge steps forward with the gender gap over the decades, voting, salaries, #meto, and so much more to mention here.

Yet, we’re missing a key component of men’s natural ability to be present, mindful and be in the moment with their inner child, (yes, our inner child does have most of the best parts of us).   That part that annoys the hell out of us, because we “have to taken seriously”.  We have fought so hard to be taken seriously in this masculine world, that we are frightened of disclosing all our little secrets.

And for many women, that’s exactly our thoughts on these natural events that happen to our body.  It’s dirty, smelly, disgusting, vulgar and unladylike to disclose it publicly, as part of our natural world. Thus, we move along, quietly curling up our nose if we’re in public as if it’s someone else’s nastiness that we’ve been exposed to.

You know, when I’m working with clients, it’s absolutely the most natural thing for them to yawn, burp, cry, laugh and bottom burp. It’s encouraged as it’s the most natural thing in the world, because I know they are creating space by releasing that tension inside them from these confined spaces, usually from the intestines, chest, back or shoulders.

However, let’s be honest, being clean is a big thing for women. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a really wonderful thing to be clean, yet we have been subjected to feeling unclean through our monthly cycle alone, for hundreds of years.  The epigenetical patterns that have been passed through the generational lineage is a truly challenging aspect to view of ourselves and even more so to know it is still apparent in aspects of daily life now.  Many women are now learning to celebrate the gift our body facilitates for us to naturally cleans this way.

Women are excellent at taking responsibility and put their bodies through hormonal injections, pills etc to prevent pregnancy, colonic irrigation, deeps detox cleanses or anything that sounds like we should be punished for or put through the mill for keeping ourselves “clean and presentable” to the outside world.

But perhaps we need to look a little bit deeper on what that cleanliness is really representing?

Is it really all about the food or drink that we’ve put in there?

Our emotional state is key to what happens in our intestines and other internal organs, and if we hide them away too often or for too long, our bodies tell us it needs to have a cleanse and it starts with the simple innocent good old female farts.  So, be honest, how often do you squeeze it back in ladies (and gents), and how does it feel when you do?

Immediately, you may feel immense “relief”, that you’ve saved the day and not imparted your intestinal wisdom to the immediate vicinity you are in; but as the day progresses that suppression could build, and build and build, until you end up in so much physical pain, you have to leave work, that event, or party early to go and relieve yourself.  God forbid you go to the lavatory there!  By this point you’ve maybe even told yourself that there’s something wrong with you; it’s something you’ve eaten or had too much to drink.

By now, we have invented such a tale in our heads, to avoid the fact that we didn’t release our female fart straight away, we are seriously in danger of dying from this fatal disease we have created for ourselves.  After all, it got us out of “that” situation didn’t it and the longer we can keep that going the longer it means we don’t have to face our own distasteful thoughts about ourselves.

Because they are ladies, aren’t they?  Most of the time we have such huge conversations of self doubt, going on through each public encounter we go through, that these physical episodes of female farts, yawns, burps, tears, or uncontrollable giggles at the most inappropriate times, give us a story of plausible woah from a physical perspective.  These moments mean, we don’t have to be strong or in control, or take on even more responsibility, when we are so absolutely down right exhausted by the effort of being clean internally and externally in our everyday lives.

We also know, we’re not alone!  We know without doubt that other woman are feeling this way too, because we are immediately bonded through our monthly cycles to know we have our tribe around us. Yet, how secure is it to be so open in the environment we find ourselves in ladies, because we can be our own worst enemies?

Yes, I know we’ve just had International Women’s Day and there are Incredible Inspirational Women knocking it out of the park daily, but is that you?  Really… does it FEEL like you, even if other women have celebrated you?

Gosh I hope so.  I have faith and I have hope, and I am truly inspired hourly by women I encounter across the world Absolutely knocking it out of the park. 

Ladies let’s not stop here.  We never have before.

If our inner child needs permission to come out and play and truly “own it” like the guys, then we need to dig a little deeper and own All the parts of ourselves.

And that ladies is something I know we are capable of. It is time to claim back our bodies as absolutely our own. Even the scientists are giving us permission. We know we can’t increase the amount of neurons in our brain. Let’s use our glial cells to read the signals we’ve been so adept at uncovering so far!

Scientist said that the 10% of neurons in our brain could not be increased.  It was an impossible feat. The 90% of our brain that they thought was just space they now know contains our “Glial Cells”.

Guess where our Glial Cells collect their information from to feed through to the neurons….  Our Body!

That’s right ladies! 

90% of our brain, is in our body, and when we start to remember (epigenetics) and learn to understand how & why our body communicates with us as it does; we will be FREE from the cycle of repressed female farts.

Rachel Earing

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By Rachel

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