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Tal Ben Shaher

Exploring the Connection Between Adventure, Happiness & Mindset with Rachel Earing, Karen Darke & Tal Ben Shahar.

In this blog, we will explore the key themes and takeaways from the discussion between Rachel Earing (Specialist Trainer in Emotional Intelligence), Karen Darke (MBE) Adventurer and Gold Paralympian with Tal Ben-Shahar’s perspective on happiness.

Tal Ben Shahar is a prominent Harvard professor and internationally acclaimed author who specializes in positive psychology, leadership, and happiness. In a recent conversation with Rachel Earing and Karen Darke, he shared his principles of ICE in relation to happiness, stating that these principles are fundamental to achieving true and lasting happiness, both in personal and professional relationships.

The ICE principle stands for Identify, Connect, and Express. According to Tal Ben Shahar, it is through these three principles that we can improve our relationships and find happiness in unexpected places. Let us delve deeper into each of these principles and see how they relate to our relationships with others.


The first principle of ICE emphasizes that we must first identify our true selves, our values, and our emotions, to establish a strong foundation for our relationships. We must be self-aware and know what we stand for, as only then can we form meaningful connections with others. We need to identify our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our passions and goals, to know how we can bring our best selves to a relationship.


The second principle of ICE emphasizes that we need to connect deeply with others to create lasting relationships. Connection, according to Tal Ben Shahar, means being present, empathetic, and engaged. We need to establish mutual trust to create an environment in which we can nurture our relationships. We must be willing to listen, understand, and respond positively to other people’s perspectives, even when they differ from our own.


The third principle of ICE emphasizes that we must express our true selves to others, for only then can we truly be happy in our relationships. We need to be clear and candid in our communication, expressing our needs and desires clearly to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to conflict. We must always be honest and sincere in our interactions, for only then can we create an environment in which relationships flourish.

One of the key themes of the conversation was the role of adventure in cultivating happiness and a positive mindset. Karen Darke, a Gold Paralympic medalist and adventurer, shared how her adventures have helped her develop resilience, perseverance, and gratitude, all of which have contributed to her overall sense of happiness and fulfillment. Ben-Shahar added that adventure offers a unique opportunity to experience the present moment fully and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

The conversation also touched on the importance of finding happiness in everyday life, not just during extraordinary adventures. Rachel Earing, an Energy Trainer and mindset coach, shared her insights on the power of mindfulness and gratitude in cultivating a positive mindset and finding joy in the present moment. Ben-Shahar agreed, highlighting the importance of daily practices such as meditation and journaling to cultivate a positive mindset and build resilience.

In conclusion, the conversation between Rachel Earing, Karen Darke, and Tal Ben-Shahar offers valuable insights and perspectives on the connection between adventure, happiness, and mindset. Their stories and experiences demonstrate the power of mindset in shaping our experiences and cultivating happiness, whether we are on an adventure or going about our daily lives.

If you are interested in exploring the connection between mindset, adventure, and happiness, be sure to check out the video here.

Interestingly Karen Darke (MBE) has her own version of ICE in relation to her exploration around the globe to finalise her 7 Continent in 9 bike rides visiting Antartica. 

Here Karen tell us about how the preparation for the trip was crucial to not only the success of reaching and returning from totally unchartered territory, but for testing new medical and mobility equipment for those with physical impairments in the most extreme of conditions to reach The Pole of Possibility, 79 Degrees x 79 Degrees, in Antartica.

Karen’s Pole of Possibility Teams Vision: ICE inspired by Tal Ben Shahar.

VISION: To inspire possibility from ICE that our world can be healthier, happier & more sustainable.

– To create more ICE:

Inner gold,

Connection &

Enabling Environments.

This will be done exploring & communicating the value of nature from a human spirit perspective & connecting technology, ingenuity and possibility mindsets to create enabling environments & solutions.

To listen Karen discuss this further click here for a full episode on her adventure to 79 degrees x 79 degrees at Antartica.

Meantime, if you could set yourself on a task to find your inner gold what would your ICE consist of?

Let us know below.

Blessings to you

Rachel x


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