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5 Top Tips for EFT Practitioners to deepen their knowledge and skill set in their energy business:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a natural healing method used world wide to heal anxiety, stress, PTSD, Trauma, physical pain and so much more, and Practitioners do not need to know how it works to actually help their clients.  This sounds great in theory but in practice it can cause difficulty in Practitioners obtaining and retaining clients as they struggle themselves to explain how Energy Therapies work especially one that works with the meridians.

Let’s get straight into the 5 top tips to help you move forward quantum style:


    Working on your own personal energy system & issues is the most important part of the journey for any Therapist or Coach.  It gives unique personal depth and genuine understanding of what transition feels like which clients appreciate as you build up your testimonials growing your business.

    Some Therapists just use their own testimonials as discretion and confidentiality for clients is integral to their business growth.


Increasing your knowledge and becoming a specialist in what you do increases the capacity to attract and retain clients. Reading books, listening to podcasts, Youtube videos are a great way to increase your knowledge.  Becoming a Specialist involves selecting 1 particular area you are interested and devouring and exploring, discussing and working with it consistently.

Remember you only need to know more than the person your talking to be the expert.


Gathering research doesn’t have to always be from outside sources.  Begin to gather your own with every single client.  Create spreadsheets and fill them in every session. 

Live4Energy Training College has been collecting data for 3 years now and our findings are really truly remarkable especially when it comes to Burnout figures.

Why Burnout?  Well, we discovered since lockdown that over 70% of our clients were now suffering from 21+ of our 35 listed symptoms, rather than just 2 or 3.

Feel free to get involved with our research programme, use our forms or chat further about what this all means. Get in touch.


Take the No 1 Specialist EFT Meridian programme TARC EFT which deep dives into 12 meridians through physical symptoms, and over 48 emotions as we break down each Tapping point into manageable chunks of work.  It’s a priceless indepth experience which gives you the tools to use in your business to share HOW EFT actually works. 

3 x Charts allows your clients to see and work out their own personal journey on the Meridian spectrum without you having to say anything.

Clients and Therapists a like have the best ADHD tool on the market for Emotional Intelligence and the breakdown of how to use it in the most flexible way for them.

The Tapping 24 hour clock.  No excuses for not working on yourself now folks…lol!  It’s mindfulness, ancestral work, Ho’opponono, colours and intention setting at crazy levels of depth. 

Be prepared to go Quantum and have the scientific explanations to go with it, if you dive into this one!

It truly gives your clients a safety net of work to do in your absence which is a pretty priceless tool to have.


Go and network.   Go and meet people face to face as well as online.  Talk about your business and prospect for business, unless this is your hobby.

A Business involves bringing in money to cover the costs of Zoom, Networking, Canva, Accounts etc and if you’re giving away all your time for free you’re not running a business.

Value what you do and if you’re not sure how to do that, get yourself out there meeting, online and face to face to talk about what you do to generate income to fund the freebies you are giving away.

You are changing people lives just as effectively as Doctors who are being paid £50K+ a year.  You need to eat, live and have enough to be happy with.

Again, not sure how?  Come and talk to us or someone you trust to get the ball rolling in your favour.


Setting up your business once you’ve newly qualified can be confusing and complicated.  We can feel like we need to do everything at once, yet when we’re a one person business it’s important we break things down to 1 small piece at a time.

Remember, consistency is key and you will improve 365% by just 1% improvement each day on your business.

The tortoise and the hare story is there for a reason.  Fear of missing out (FOMO) is crippling peoples small businesses because they are comparing what they are doing to others.

Trust the process and feel free to join The Optimum Health Map to connect with like minded leaders.

Trust also your The Wyrd World of Knowing .  It’s where your genius hides!

Be at ease with your journey… breathe……. tap and live each day at ease with the journey.

Rachel EaringFounder & Trainer

(Live4Energy Training College)


By Rachel

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