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TARC EFT evolved in 2018 when Rachel Earing started to investigate why EFT (Tapping) worked to satisfy the questions coming from her clients.  She didn’t have the answers they were looking for so she began the journey to look deeper into where the tapping points originated from.

  • First, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and was founded by Gary Craig in 1995. Its earlier forms involved stimulating the acupuncture meridians while tapping on them with the fingertips … that’s why it is often called “Tapping.”

The Chinese Meridian Clock

There are many tapping points in EFT and Rachel began her research with the tapping point for what “under our eye” represented.  She discovered it was related to our Stomach Meridian.  As she progressed through the many tapping points her research led her to the Chinese Meridian Clock.  The Chinese Meridian Clock also known as the Horary clock or Medicine clock  shows which traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meridians have the optimum or suboptimal “Qi” flowing through them during certain periods of the day.

Qi, or chi, is defined as the body’s life force, or vital energy system. 

As the Meridians pass through main organs it also shows which emotions and physical symptoms are most energetically active at specific times of the day.

Meridians have been scientifically concluded in the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena research has found unique structures of acupuncture points and acupuncture meridians using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), infrared imaging, LCD thermal photography, ultrasound and other CT imaging methods. The researchers commented that many studies using these technological approaches have already shown that acupuncture points exist. They note that “the high brightness, wide spectrum, high collimation, polarization and pulsed structure of synchrotron radiation” facilitated their discovery. They concluded, “Our results demonstrated again the existence of acupoints, and also show that the acupoints have special points in mammals.”

Developing TARC EFT

Using the principles of the Chinese Meridian Clock, Rachel applied the appropriate Tapping points to each time segment of the meridians.  Curious to investigate more she also pulled out the negative emotions for each meridian and put them into one of the pie charts above for her clients to understand where their emotions began their repeating cycle.

This chart was a huge success with her clients and she realised it was helping to educate them in a deeper way on why consistent Tapping is important.  She encouraged Clients to put the charts up on their walls at home for the family to see.  As most emotional issues begin at home, it helped them start discussions in a non-judgemental way, as they could see these are emotions that everyone experiences at some point in their lives.

Seeing the impact it was having on her clients, Rachel began to put together a physical symptoms chart (headaches, insomnia, brain fog etc), and then a positive chart (joy, peace, happiness, calm), which again helped her clients see that by completing the cycles of emotions or physical symptoms through tapping, they could break through to the other side into happiness, joy and peace.  Emotions which they previously thought would be impossible for them to truly experience as they were so numb or detached from mind and body working together.

No more Panic Attacks

Using the principles of the clock system Rachel then began to apply a new approach to tapping which her clients could relate to very consciously, and intentionally work in depth through sections of the body.  She discovered that the more conscious her clients were on their journey, the more likely they were to continue their own learning outside of her clinic.

It stimulated her clients curiosity and they loved learning a new way of how their emotions and body worked.  It made perfect sense to them and their life experience to date.

They could literally Tap Around The Clock 24 hours a day.  There was something for someone to do anytime of day or night to help themselves.

Sometimes we began at the time of day we were working on together: ie 3pm-5pm Bladder Meridian, then tapped on each point following the clock around until we had completed 1 round back to the Bladder Meridian.

Sometimes we started where the emotion was that they were presenting in the session: ie brain fog would be the Heart & Small Intestine Meridian and we interlaced it with the opposite meridians Gall Bladder and Liver.  Clients were finding immediate release in their symptoms regularly so Rachel carried on to write a book “The Spiral of Life”. and develop an APP to help her clients further.

Rachel, along with many of her clients,  ticks every symptom on the ADHD spectrum, is also an HSP’s, a Highly Sensitive Person, or an empath, and found that this way of using EFT helped her become crystal clear about her bodily signals and how they related to her emotional state especially at a particular time of day/night.  The waking up between 3am-5am was a natural occurence for her and she began to realise that her body was shifting naturally into when her lung meridian was at it’s optimum time and wanted to take in the most oxygen.  Instead of fighting against this natural occurence she now uses Tapping to help her get back to sleep or meditates to allow her body to rest in the natural way it chooses before rising.  Going with the flow of your body brings breathtaking creativity and insights into your life you might otherwise may not have been open to.

The more we tapped the more we discovered.  Tap Around The Clock became a Timeless ARC.  Yes, so although we can use it very mindfully to structure our lives around the time restraints of every day life and ease our stress levels, we realised that our bodies and mind were actually a Timeless ARC when it came to resolving emotional trauma.  We can literally tap into the vibration of each emotion and make peace with the outcome of past and future events from our present self, including ancestral trauma. (More about this in TARC Level II).

Fear of Flying, Jet Lag & Night Shifts

We discovered it was excellent for people on nights shifts wanting to help their sleep pattern after a heavy night working.  We started to tap when they wanted to go to bed at 0700 but we would tap on the opposite meridians as if they were going to bed at 1900 hours and we tapped around the clock to prepare their body for bedtime.  It worked exceptionally well.

We discovered we could use it not only for Jet Lag but also for the fear of flying.  Rachel by this time had created an APP on Apple, yes you guessed, called Tap Around The Clock(TM), which once downloaded you do not need internet access, so can be used on a flight very safely.

Using mindfulness tapping around the clock throughout turbulance on flights, we also discovered it helped the recovery of jet lag on long haul flights.  Commencing tapping on the particular meridian that you are in on the real time clock, then repeat 1 to 5 cycles of tapping around the clock.

All in all, TARC EFT has opened up a whole new world of creativity and mindfulness in the spectrum of the Tapping world.  As we race around trying to find faster and faster ways of solving our issues, this initially slightly slower approach through TARC Level I, gives a fuller, deeper insight into how each part of our body truly works for us and can be used where ever we are safe to do so, ie not driving.

Throughout it’s use we gain a deeper respect for our internal system in a deeper more connected and intentional way.  Such as our Heart and Gall Bladder meridians which are opposites on the meridian clock.  They have a tendancy to collect symptoms for each others anguish to mask the heartbreak we go through.

It also shows us, where others are, in their journey in life.  The coincidences of members of a family having a Gall Bladder removed and the other with a Pace Maker when looked into more closely could really open up a discussion about the underlying emotions behind those physical issues.  (Check out the charts to see how they relate.)

When we have started to experience TARC EFT and, it is an experience, not an intellectual process, we can see, feel and hear other peoples anger and it not make the old impact it used to  where we would flare back at them.  We feel we have more time to react and therefore think clearer, kinder thoughts before responding.  We have space in our energy system to truly make a difference and the creativity that comes with it, can be truly omnificent. Yes, omnificent, look it up, that is who you truly are.

TARC EFT is not a replacement for Classic EFT or any other version of it, but fits hand in hand with a deeper understanding with all versions, in the most sublime ways.

People love to learn about themselves, so it makes sense to show them how TARC shares the gift of timeless tenderness to yourself, and how you can’t help but want to share it with your family, friends, community and the world.

Rachel Earing (Founder of Live4Energy Training College & TARC EFT (TM)


By Rachel

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