Sat. May 18th, 2024

Last week I attended a Tedex meeting and we watched Sol Khans Tedex talk, and I highly recommend it. He speaks about Mastering each module of mathematics before moving onto the next until we achieve a near 100% result. Our education system gives us many tests (some say too many) and we are given a mark out of 100%. So often we are moved onto the next module of learning with perhaps a 30% or so gap in our subject matter. Over time our foundations in this subect become overwhelmed with gaps, which if we fail to make up in our learning over time, we may begin to believe that we have no skill whatsoever in the subect Developing an an attitude of burying our head in the sand or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m stupid” belief set.

Yet history has proven that very close to 100% of our society over the last 100 years have developed the capacity to learn to read. 400 years ago academics would have found this very difficult to believe could actually happen.
What amazing creatures we are!

If this is the case, then our intelligence and capacity to learn is only really tipping the iceberg when we start to look into mastering everything around us.
Take Tesla for instance. They are so far in advance of any other tecnhological system that we find it difficult to comprehend exactly what technology could be capable of in another 100 years.

What if our whole journey on thie beautiful planet was to learn how to Master of our Emotions. If we actually took the time to reflect, accept and move through each emotion as they arise we would very soon know how to deal with each emotion the next time it arises in the most conscious of ways. This could possibly revolutionise the world as we know it.

Mental Health Awareness is helping hugely in this capacity and mindfulness activities such as meditation and natural therapies are bringing about fuller conscious understanding of what emotions we are experiencing; acknowledging them and relaxing into them before we embark on taking any action..

This conscious acknowledgment is acually the beginning of allowing the release of the tension of the emotion more quickly.

The difficulty is that so many individuals do not want to acknowledge there may be such a simple way of moving forward. They prefer to work through pain either physically in the gym or mentally by fighting gainst the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is what our natural state prefers us to take.
Mastering the relaxation into your natural state, includes all our emotions as they arrive. This relaxation allows the understanding that each emotion is OK to have and does not have to be traumatic.
“It is just something I need to experience, learn from, (master), then move on to the next one”.
Once each emotion has been dealt with consciously, it gives us greater understanding, compassion and kindness to each new situation and allows us to move forward with more joy and peace in our system to the next experience. We genuinely feel, see, hear and know we are making a true difference to our lives and others.

The knowing that each emotion will challange us, and the event to which is pertains is somewhat irrelevent; only the consciousness of experiencing it, without acting on it and allowing it to flow through you is what takes you through more joyously to the next and the next and the next.

This is not undermining the horrific and brutal experiences that are happening in the world or diminishing them in any way. This is for another discussion altogether.

Here we are looking at how we can help ourselves, when we take the choice to do so, in a general given circumstance.

It is useful if you start by thanking your whole being for looking after you for so long in the way that it has. Now you may let it know that you have a new way of dealing with it and you wish to practice it and practice it and practice it until you have mastered it.

Yes, you will be tested on it, just like at school, but through life experiences that come your way, You will be tested to see if you have truly mastered that emotion and are able to move through it, with it and out of it effectively.

Why should we do this?
This process of Mastery takes us faster and faster through to the positive emotions of Joy and Peace and Unconditional love, which once experienced are truly powerful and we naturally wish to pursue them more and more, so that you can in time sustain these emotions longer and longer and longer each time.

Mastery of our emotions, builds our resilience, compassion and kindess to ourselves and each other.

Surely this can only lead to an evolved revolutionary way of living together once achieved?

What if this Mastery of our Emotions is what we are all here for, to help each other through this process? We may be closer now than we have every been..

Ask for help and it will be given.
The question is what are you doing with it when it arrives?
It always arrives by the way…. but
Do you recognise it as help?

Life experience is what we should be experiencing, with all of the emotions attached to it.

Why not Master them and make the most of the Joy and Love and Peace we are supposed to experience too?

Feel free to join us and learn how.



By Rachel

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