Sun. May 19th, 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to embrace the very essence of who you are?

To get to know, understand and engage with every INTENSE part of yourself?

Are you ready to reach into the parts of you which had been shaped by the very events, people, environments you have been in, and learnt from, to create this Wise Soul that you are now?

The parts which we have for so very long been told we need to hide, adapt, shape into something which serves OTHERS version of who we are, rather than the deep soul essence of who you Know you truly are.

If you’re ready to commit to 12 weeks connection to engage with your very essence, then you are ready to start transforming your life onto your true lifes purpose.

This course is for those who:

  • Who are ready to start bonding together to create a Mastery of Emotional & Physical Self Help Movement.
  • Who are ready to delve into their shadow as well as their light
  • Who are ready to embrace the Joy and Deep Inner Peace within.
  • Who are ready to engage with the INTENSITY of each part of your being, emotionally physically and spiritually

This course is for those:

  • Who may be lost in their journey of life right now.
  • Who are struggling to find purpose.
  • Who feel lost, alone and abandonded.
  • Who are suffering with physical pain.
  • Who are suffering emotional stress and anxiety.
  • Who may be struggling with the hormonally.
  • Who may be struggling with empty nest syndrome
  • Who want to feel at home in their own skin.

This is a 12 week programme to be attended online for you to truly get to know yourself on a deep core level.

Are you ready to join us?


By Rachel

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