Mon. May 20th, 2024

WOW what a weekend I’ve had folks and I’ve certainly been reminded about where curiosity may lead you!

2 years ago I started a journey to investigate more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and we are told that “even though” you do not need to know what the tapping points do or what they relate to for it to work, I was curious to know more.

All of this information became very important to me as I started to work with my clients and realised they were going back into the same environment where most of the problems stemmed from.  Unless I could give them a tool to work together as a family how could the environment change to help this client keep their positive changes sustainable?

This took me on a research journey through ancient Chinese Medicine looking at acupuncture, emotions, physical symptoms and where the tapping points for EFT related to the 24 hour clock, and the optimum times certain meridian points worked within this clock.

I created a 24 hour clock chart with the tapping points at each meridian as close to the EFT system as possible.

I became even more curious and investigated which emotions seemed to get stuck in each meridian.  I presume at this point I was following pretty closely the process Gary Craig would have started with, before his EFT system used today.

I sent the charts home for clients to start working on with their family at home.  It gave me some peace of mind knowing they had a 24 hour tool to fall back on.

Parents who did not usually do the bedtime routine were encouraged to spend time with the children using the charts together, picking out no more than 2 emotions each night or just use the points to tap on 30 minutes or so before bedtime.

They were encouraged to put the charts up on the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen walls and keep moving them weekly so they were reminded to use them daily.

The results coming back were beautiful.

It was bringing a closer bond back between those who were drifting apart because of the constraints of work schedules, out of school activities and stress.  Parents were finding they were able to communicate more effectively with their children.

Children were falling asleep faster and longer after being able to release the days tension with the tapping.  Funnily enough so did the parents!

Stories of the day were being shared more openly between them as the layers of intensity were stripped off by using the charts.

Clients in turn were becoming more curious about Energy Therapy and taking up their own research with my guidance at where to start their journey.  The charts took on a life of their own and within 6 months we had developed an app for people to download and use all the information on their phones (Apple only I’m afraid).  (Feel free to download it’s free. Tap Around The Clock).

My curiousity of not accepting that we didn’t need to know why EFT worked, was helping people I wouldn’t normally be able to reach. People who didn’t want to “tune in” to their emotions.

Families started to learn together about their own emotional and physical awareness and how it all connected together with their life events.

Their awareness was increasing their energy levels, reducing stress levels, helping sleep, bringing down anxiety from asthma attacks, panic attacks and so much more.

Curiosity to investigate and put to rest my own questions was resulting in helping others and I was inspired to put it all down in a book to help them further with real life mental health scenarious.

Within 18 months this curiosity had resulted in 3 charts, 1 book and a free App and it had been a pure pleasure to put it all together.  I was in total flow becuse I had followed the following principles:

I had Engaged in my own research and discoveries.

I had Transformed how I was able to work and reach people.

I had Inspired clients to want to work at home with those they cared about the most and help them.

Together we are Sustaining this process and awakening quicker and quicker to being curious enough, to keep the ETIS process going.

This is a group effort and we help and remind each other to be curious enough to awaken to issues causing problems in our life and how to DO something about it that is gentle and effective and peaceful.

This weekend was the very first Spiral of Life Summit where we worked together bringing about the principles of the Book and ETIS.  We’ve had therapists, practitioners and “normal” people get involved in our interactive workshops, all brought about by my curiosity to know more.

What’s even more beautiful is the feedback.  Apparently they can’t wait till we do it again.

Who knew this is where I’d end up 2 years ago by being curious?  I’m still floating with the buzz of the most beautiful day of pure positive energy and fuelled with passion to make the next one an even bigger success.

We’ve started small and built it step by step, testing, sharing; testing, inspiring; transforming, testing and sustaining each other along the way.

Feel free to join our beautiful journey anytime, and if not, please remember to stay curious and then to do something, anything, to get the ball rolling for you.  .

Curiosity……. You never know where it may lead you.


Rachel Earing


By Rachel

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