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Live4Energy’s main objective is to help others THRIVE, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We live in a society that is constantly telling us to be happy, positive and resilient.  Yet, anxiety and stress, the main cause of most Mental Health stress issues, are at epidemic proportions in the western world.

Beliefs that anger, disappointment, fear, dread, confusion, should be hidden away behind closed doors, so that they don’t make us or our family/group look weak, unprofessional, or unstable have been a common theme in many cultures, families and organistions.

We usually only seek advice on how to deal with such emotions when the environment we are living in reaches a critical level of unacceptable behaviour on the back of this.


Critical levels are difference for each of us.  These levels will increase our fight, flight and freeze mechanisms putting our whole systems into protection mode.  It is very difficult to make the wisest choices when we are in protection mode as our blood supply naturally spreads to our arms and legs ready to take action to either, fight, flight or freeze.

Constant stress keeps us in protection mode which makes sense as to why our best decisions are not usually taken when we are in this state.

Stress causes anxiety and depression plus many other symptoms, if we do not know how to deal with the emotions that each event in our lives creates.  It is only through experiencing each emotions that we can fully understand how it effects us as an individual.  Each person will have their own unique experience yet emotionally may connect through very similar events.

How we deal with each emotion is the learning curve of life, and our sensory system builds in a vaccine of behaviour pattern to each experience after that initial risk assessment of each emotion takes place in our system.

Breaking old patterns of behaviour means we need to change the vaccine for each old emotion.  This allows the new emotion to react from the hear and now, not from an experience 5 years ago or more


Until, we can accept that we will all have similar emotions, and that they will occur throughout the events that happen in our lives, conflict will occur.

Conflict which begins as an internal battle within us, and then extends outwards as we project our emotions onto others.

Usually, this happens so we can justify who is right and who is wrong in that emotional exchange and can become highly charged.

  • What if no one is wrong?
  • What if we accepted that this is the time in my/her life to experience this emotion?
  • What if, I just need to learn how to deal with this emotion right now?
  • What if, I am reacting from old patterns of behaviour?


Wherever we are; at work, school, family, friends, social media etc, relationships are forming all the time, good, bad and indifferent,

It is how we manage these relationships and the commitment we provide to them that effects the future of our unit/family.

Once we are able to communicate in a manner that moves these relationship forward by accepting our own emotion and the emotions of others, we as a species can start the 5 step process to evolve.

These 5 Steps are part of our ETIS Programme.                                       




STEP 4   INSPIRE             


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Are you preventative or reactive, to your groups needs?

Are your team?

Do you think it would improve communication if you were?

Are you struggling to see your way forward?

Do you feel stuck, swamped and everything’s moving too fast; work, school, life in general?

Are you struggling to think how to keep up, never mind get ahead?

If any of these points above resonate with you then give us a ring today to discuss further.  We’re very friendly and every question is taken with care, consideration and confidentiality.


What does our Commitment of Care mean to you?

No pill for a quick fix.  No NHS timescales. No time wasting. Just effective results & information on learning how to communicate with your mind and body in the language it actually it understands….. the language of vibration and communication.

Using our tools and knowledge within your group/family, provides them with a Commitment of Care and Investment from you.  This gives them a unique bond of trust that this really is about them, and their specific needs and wants.

This empowers your team and provides a deeper loyalty towards you and your unit.  This is how we become sustainable and evolve together.


It’s TIME to adjust our learning processes to the tip of scientific know how.  Groups and families in the UK now, more than ever, need to lead the way to INVEST in their Mental Health to evolve humanity and thus our planets future.

We can be in control of our own destiny.

We can manage our own fears

We can transform our lives.

We can inspire others to do their version of this.

We can sustain ourselves and each other through this.

Once this begins to happen then:

Societies Mental Health may lead to having a POSITIVE impact on health, emotionally and physically on all ages.

It would impact on our families and their future.

Children would feel more in control of the world they are being told is falling apart around them.

Hope is a driving force to move forward with positive action.

Employees would react if their organisation gave them and their family that support

Resilience does come for Risk Assessing life.

Without risk it is impossible to become resilient.





If the root of all issues are addressed and given a flexible and sustainable approach to deal with them then the sooner we will have the capacity to make REAL Inspirational and Valuable progress within our families or organisations.

Live4Energy offers Families in any organisations, big or small, a fully Evaluated & Certificated Programme which covers Individual or Group work on their Emotional and Physical Health Awareness Issues over a flexible 6 week , 12 Week or 10 month period.

A certificate for each individual which guarantees they have undertaken a commitment of care to themselves. That you have started the process of self responsibility in clearing old issues and gained new skills to continue to do so.

Perfect for kids, teens & adults starting School, University, working life, first relationships or settling down together.

Breaking Down Old Belief Systems

Breaking Down barriers on Physical Pain

Building Self Esteem, Confidence and Creativity

Breaking down Trauma, Bullying, Abuse, Addiction, Fear.

Breaking Down Anxiety, Stress & Resistance to Change

Results in Resilience and Relaxing

Skills for Life to deal with Life’s Challenge

Live4Energy is bringing real peace of mind to families and organisations and helping them work together effectively for all our futures.

We also opening up the opportunity for organisations and individuals to support local schools and community groups in the same way.

Social Responsibility: 

Part of our Social Responsibility is to give these services for free or at a very low cost to low income families, schools, community groups and young people.   You will be able to donate towards these courses or become involved see our ETIS Pay It Forward Scheme soon.

Please get in touch to let us know your interest or discuss your needs so we can help you move forward to be YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.




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