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Shut the shop to my mind please … Spring cleaning hazard signs  are up …workmen onboard… Beware of the spillages….

Shut the shop to my mind please  and put up the closed sign. Then  lock the door and  refer all enquiries to thin air ,I have decided  my brain is having a spring clean, before I get carried off in a straight jacket to a funny farm for the foreseeable future.

How many times do we in our lifetime make solemn promises to ourselves that we will take time out and reconstruct our busy schedules , to a more sustainable pace?  I would hasten a guess that we admit to ourselves at least once a week during the December and January months.

Do we only decide to do this when our emotional bucket of life’s less savoury fortunes are running to cascade an  over flow , like Niagara Falls on a shockingly abhorrent day , flooding , hurtling down a torrent of wretched demeanours of our past hurts, and failed achievements ,bouncing, hard crushing everything in its sight. Anything that stands in its wake is picked up like a delicate feather that’s trembling  and oh so susceptible to this stampede of angry negative emotions sweeping it a side with one foul push.

Decades of built up toxic emotions are knocked aside in one huge over bearing sweep ..leaving us , the owners of our hammered minds , not a brain cell left in any form of unrelinquished operational module…..we are left drained , defeated, an empty vessel that has been ship wrecked abandoned and in need of huge amounts of tender loving care from ourselves to rid its self  from the stagnant , soulful , toxic debris of our past lives and negative energies.

Is this what the universe must teach us for disobeying our premeditated ideas of keeping a healthy bucket of clean water so it can nourish our cells and grey matter?

Yes, it is In my past experience of the universe and fouling to  not keep my promises to it. I found that it will teach you a lesson with a huge powerful sharp shock that makes you wince recoil and bitterly regret not fulfilling your promise to the earths matter of towing the proverbial line!!!

The sharp shocks of neglecting your side of the bargain can be an illness that totally flaws you and knocks you sideways off your feet.  In my case I had dreadful glandular  fever at the age of 48.  I can honestly say I was completely knocked onto my back and left debilitated for a good four months and I still feel the effects from it today, four years later, it’s a big loud hand bell ringing in my ears if I feel that I am neglecting myself again.

We all feel that we are infallible and our minds resemble robots but we are all building up the toxic substances of failed experiences in our emotional bucket from a unrequited early age and failing to learn to take time out and jet wash our mind , commonly leads to illnesses, which in turn can trigger even less desirable, occurrences with even harsher problems that are not that easy to shrug off. They cling to you like a grim reaper for the rest of your life.

30 Minutes

Is it so difficult too say to yourself that I am now having a period of solitude and silence for 30 minutes every day?

You can do it in 15-minute stages albeit driving to work in your car with no music on , mobile on silent and just be at one with your own thoughts and equilibrium?

I personally feel that people are so reticent about being quiet and in solitude, because the empty peace is a powerful life force in its deafening silence as  it can penetrate even the deepest of your fears and unhappiest existence. The silence speaks to us loudly and tells us the complete and utter truth of where our souls are lacking in their purity and abhorrent unhappy state.  Its for this reason and the ripples of  the aftermath of the silence , that most people refrain from even going down that route.

But what good does it do to ignore our minds and their healthy spring cleaning? If you are locked in an unhappy marriage , and countless of us have been in that situation ,   you are dealing with the  status quo purely by acknowledging it in the powerful silence.

I fully accept that you can’t instantly act upon it , it’s incredibly rare that any marriage came to a swift end in an instant thought. But the fundamental beginning of accepting your toxic overload is by the thoughts coming into your  silence , you are accepting it and acknowledging if. Once the Universe knows you are trying and coming into the mindfulness state of enlightenment and acceptance, it will begin to bestow upon you your tools and methods of planting seeds for your future conclusion. The universe and law of attraction helps those who help themselves. Once you clear your mind and begin to sort out the crooks of your problems and bring them to the forefront of your mind, than keep then locked away in the brains recesses, you are giving the green light and go ahead for the universe to begin clearing the obstacles that have been causing negativity, debris, toxic conditions that keep dragging you under the drowning waters of life’s unhappiness.

Of course, the silence doesn’t just prefabricate unhappy relationships , although having done my research the majority  of all subconscious problems mentally, stem from an unhappy homelife.

What about if it’s your job that’s pushed the toxic overload to spill your bucket? Again, if its bought out into you forefront of your mind , you are inadvertently bringing it to your current state and once that takes shift , the dynamics of the powers that be begin to create a cycle of serendipity for you. There’s no such thing as coincidences or fate. Having read voraciously my entire life on Buddhism .Taoism , law of attraction to name a few , and from copious authors worldwide. The energy that you secrete and begin to circulate outwards will begin to manifest slowly and enticingly , bringing forth a series of events that should you , chose not to act upon , will sometimes rumble on quietly until you can no longer ignore them and something shifts for you whether you wish it to or not. The hand that will force the situation for you in such a way that you can no longer ignore it. I know am most adept at dealing with the universe and its curved balls , that I act swiftly to dodge the maximum impact!!!!! Its far better to act spontaneously and encourage the small events from the universe , than ignore to your peril and get it with a double whammy of the power force of it catalytic hurricane of finality that there then is no going back…I always say to ignore the wishes of the universe and law of attraction is a mighty brave chap!!!!!

Regardless of how many times you put off the detoxing and spring cleaning of your mind , this built up emotional bucket must be emptied and cleaned. To go for decades without doing any maintenance is such folly. Would you behave that way towards your car? Or your home? Its impossible for your wellbeing to function in alignment with your wellbeing if its running on overload . you can retrain your mind in such a quick time. Your body responses are so acute when it comes to mental health and mindfulness. Its like a sponge ready to soak up , inadvertently , the new measures and boundaries that you are setting in place. How can you be grudge yourself 30 minutes time for you? Even the president of the united states and prime minister set aside time for themselves for golf socialising etc. We all need some down time as all stress , friction , miserable situations are manifesting such discord with your health , then subsequently mental health and mental health is nowhere near , the robust manner of general health. Mental health is like a blade of green grass blowing in the wind, all innocent , fresh green delicate and with one quick blade from lawnmower or one stampede of a heavy foot and its trampled on , diminished , left naked raw flattened no hope in ever rising up to its former glory. Its then that the seed of discord sets in and it can manifest and quadrupole at such an intensity that its breath-taking speed can leave you breathless. how can you recover , how can you forget this feeling of neglect and statue diminished? The answer is then in holistic therapies of reiki , reflexology or going to counsellors and forming a programme for exercise and training. I will come back to this mental health situation in my next writing in March as its better in one bullet point of writing than dealing with it in its primary form.

All I wish to convey and hope to encourage with this piece of writing is please don’t forget to get the hazard signage up , get the workmen in and detox and empty your toxic emotional bucket , it doesn’t take long to refresh your equilibrium and mental state, and 30 minutes peace a day is no great feat for you. It is far better to acknowledge your disappointments and loss of happier feelings than to keep brushing them under the carpet ,as all that happens is that the carpet ends up looking like a camels back and is no longer viable…give silence a chance , let the universe speak to you , let it help you and guide you its wisdom is second to none and trusting in it will repay  you  in such an abundance of  happiness ..namaste.

Lisa Tomkins.


By Rachel

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