Mon. May 20th, 2024

It is with great pleasure that I am able to share with your how our fund raising is going from the launch of our Women With Wisdom book launch in December 2019.

We have from the book launch raised enough money to run 10 local alternative Mental Health Workshops/Sessions.


A couple of these have been used already by a local family, who are deeply grateful to the Women With Wisdom ladies for the facility they have provided to ease mental health care in our area. I can say that the intensity of their emotional state was a 10 and an 8 when they started. (10 is the highest intensity we score at and 0 is the the lowest). With the high anxiety issues they have come in with these have now gone down to a 1.

“We are eternally grateful for the funding from the book, so we are able to get the much needed help and support from Rachel. Thank you ladies from the bottom of our hearts”. S&S.


Some of the funded sessions are being used to run local workshops at Brandlesholme Community Centre on a Thursday evening at reduced costs for families. Just £5 for an adult and child (over 10’s only) and these start on Thursday 27th February 2020. Please feel free to join us. The first session is free.

Local Events

We are also in talks to go into a local school and run some workshops there, so we are targeting all ages across the board with the small amount of funding we have available.

The great news is that Women With Wisdom is already making an impact on local peoples lives in a matter of few months.


Sharing our stories on how we each get by in our day to day life, is just life. But, life is what we are naturally curious about and it’s how we learn as a species watching, reading and copying others. How beautiful would it be if we could create our own community of Bury Mental Health Warriors to help each other truly get through the tough times with some geniune paying it forward help.

We can continue this wonderful work and help more and more people each time.

Those involved in the author stages of the book, (and there are still opportunities for local ladies & gents to get involved in new ventures) are helping their own mental health journey by writing their stories and conquering fears of visibility in the photo shoot.

This cycle of help from author to buyer to reader is creating our own funding cycle of help within our own small community. It fills me and all involved with such great pride that we as a community are opening up and supporting each other on this transparency of emotional and mental wellbeing.

I look forward to our next conversation very much indeed who knows what we will be reporting next time!

It has been an absolute pleasure being with you right now. Thank you for your time and blessings for the rest of your day.

Author: Rachel Earing


By Rachel

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