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So many this weekend are saddened by the news of the death of Caroline Flack.  That vibrant, effervescent personality that filled our screens on ITV and of course the winner of Strictly Come Dancing in 2014. I struggled initially whether to write this but this is an issue I cannot look past anymore.

I read deeper today the media coverage of the signs of strain she might have been showing before this truly devasting event took place. As I read further immediately came great clarity as I made a comparission to an event last year which had such a natural high to it, it took the individuals involved a good week to come back down after only a couple of hours of an incredible natural high. What was the high? It was a ladies naked photo shoot i the woods, to get back to our basic natural selves, no labels, no designs, just our natural inner and outer beauty shared with natures natural beauty.

It feels important that I share this with you as it may just resonate with some of you down the line.


We all exist on a natural level which is our base level for our emotional, mental and physical state.  This base level on a day to day basis doesn’t deviate much but has occasional highs and lows before levelling out again.

These are the base levels guides according to Dr David Hawkins Levels of Consciousness theory. (Image from

If our base level is in the suffering zone and we have a great deal of guilt, shame or grief in our life then when we have natural highs such as a great night out, meet someone who could be potentially be the love of our life (but isn’t), an exhilarating experience such as sky diving, being the lead in a theatre production, movie, promotion at work, getting a raise, getting married, win or be involved in Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here… you get the idea.  Then when that’s over and you go back to your natural state…..BOOM! 

Anything lower than the state you’ve just been living in is a shock to the system and takes time to adjust to, but if the scale has just jumped from 500 down to 150, 75, 50 or even lower then we’re going to need some help to shift that base level up the scale perminantly.

It’s only by doing this that these highs and lows stop being so dramatic and intense in capacity to stop totally immobilising us emotionally, mentally and physically.

Of course, the other perspective on this is that such a person may be higher up the vibrational level and be doing fine, but the environments they are constant going into show how low everyone elses base level is, and this again can be quite suffocating and drag you down with them. This happens, if there is still a “part of you” that resonates with what they are saying or doing.

This intense feeling of overwhelm that you can do “absolutely nothing” to help all these other people in your environment, social media, media, etc; mens that the only option may be to remove yourself from that environment.  For some, the only option they can see is for this to be permanent removal from this distressing situation for the level of peace they desire.  

What most people do not see, hear or trust because they’re struggling so much to push or pull, or striving constantly for the next fix to resist against the guilt, shame and grief that is naturally part of us, that they miss the opportunities of new love, joy and peace that is right in front of them everyday.

They can’t see past the base level, but having the faith that it is there is sometimes the only thing that gets us through. Faith that we can rise again up the scale.

This is where we start to help each other folks. Show how the faith works, be the example, lead the way, inspire others to go with you on the journey. Be the love, the peace, the joy……


The natural highs that are achieved through experiences of physical achievements, mental stimulation or even receiving a text from that new love and that rush of intense thrill fills you to the core, is available to us all daily, with the right education, training and new skills.

What if we are here on this planet to do one thing and only one thing and we’ve been missing the whole point of life?

What if we are here to experience emotions and what to do with them and it’s that simple?

Such a simple question and actually when we think about it is makes so much sense. 

Every decision we make is from an emotional point of view.  Even if it is to make a decision without the emotion in it and be logical. The decision previous to it was emotional.

What can we learn emotionally from Caroline’s life she shared with us, because without a doubt, we are certainly emotionally affected by it?

What positives would such a vibrant character want us to take away from this highly visible cry for help?

I feel that Caroline and all who have taken their own lives will want every single one of us to start looking at our own lives; and truly, deeply, look into what base level you are at and what you can do to positively start making changes to move towards love, and peace and joy whilst still embracing your life and your loved ones here on earth.

After all that’s what she gave us in those time on our screens and no it wasn’t all love, peace and joy.  She showed us frustration, commitment, and dedication as well as joy and success and love.

ITV have a lot of questions to answer from all areas about the can of worms Love Island has opened up and yes tragically it has resulted in the loss of 3 members taking their lives.

Perhaps it’s time now for ALL the big guns of the media to start helping us all move our base levels up the scale instead of drawing all our energies to the suffering levels.

Can it be done you ask?

Perhaps the question we should be asking is how can I do it?

How?  Start by opening your closed heart…… and breathe deeply…. acknowledging whats coming in and what’s going out. Choosing to allow the fear out and the love in, is a start.

RIP Caroline Flack and all who went before you. x

Author: Rachel Earing


By Rachel

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