Strategic Business for Therapists

Strategic Business for Therapists

This Membership will be in a CLOSED Facebook group for easy access and to allow you all to support each other through the process too.

You will discover that although you are self employed, or a small business owner, you do not have be alone in building your business.

You will develop meaningful friendships and business collaborations, just as Tania and Rachel have, through this continous support journey which all Coaches, Practitioners & Therapists need, as well as being able to give support out.

We truly understand that those of you who really care are probably giving your services for free right now because your desire to help is with the understanding that those who need the help the most right now are on the bread line.

We understand that of you too.

Together we can help to cover those in need and also make enough money to keep you afloat too.

The truth of not actually knowing yet how this will all unfold is where the beauty and magic will really give us goosebumps down the line.

As our journey together unfolds we will be creating the most incredible events, experiences and results.

Are you joining us?

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