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Wow!  Yes, what a topic to open up and discuss.  The two surely couldn’t be more worlds apart?  Or are they?

Let’s start with some science:

Top stem cell scientists, such as Dr Bruce Lipton, are joining forces with quantum scientists to discover that the the space in our atoms, which they initially believed to be of no consequence, actually contain the most important information to date about who we are.

There is discussion that this space in our atoms contain frequency waves which hold our memories.  These waves are also connected to our individual magnetic energy field, which surrounds each and every one of us.  Thus, our 6th sense, is our energy field filled with frequencies waves inside and outside our bodies.  Plus, as all frequency waves cannot be separated we are all connected to one another, the animals and creatures on our planet, the planet itself and ultimately the universe.

With this in mind how does this impact on meditation and orgasms, and what is BLISS…?


Bliss is an altered state within your energy field which leaves you very much centred on your 6th sense. Imagine your internal world (cells, atoms, space inside the atoms) connects all at once. 50 trillions cells colliding together with pure joy and rapture that you are finally communicating with it, floods your whole energy system with a oneness that feels like your connected to the whole universe.  That connection is BLISS like you have never experienced before.

BLISS is the closest to defining what our true essence or divine self feels like because it is the also the closest thing to unconditional love we may experience.

Once experienced it is something we desire to experience again and again.


The energy connections of our magnetic field (divine self) that we make from the blissful state of meditation or a blissful orgasm are roughly the same, (bearing in mind no orgasm or meditation is ever exactly the same).

Brain studies have shown that monks who have been meditating for years generate the same patterns of brain activity very similar to us ordinary folk, at the moment and just after orgasm.

Orgasm and Meditation, both open the way for deeper levels of consciousness ie BLISS states, to be reached where we may become more aware of our 6th dimensional selves, our magnetic energy field,  or our divine essence.

The western approach to orgasms and meditation has not been an open one for many many, many years.  When we are not open with our communication, transparent or shed light on issues there is a tendency for things to become misinterpreted, seedy, secretive and disturbing, where cruel and hurtful events may happen between us.

It is not surprising that as a species we have suppressed our ability to decipher and trust our own feelings and senses as to what we really know to be the right thing for our true selves, when society has looked at the dark side of events rather then the light.  I say the light because our 6th senses vibrate with a massive amount of light frequency energy.


As we become more open to meditations benefits in the western world, and with yoga and holistic therapies becoming more prolific, we are taking on board more freely how children, families and businesses may thrive with the more positive outlook on emotional mental health it allows.

But this is more than just our emotional health if we are vibrating at our divine level surely?  Sustaining deeper levels of connection within meditation is something those practice all strive for and when an individual reaches that BLISS state for the first time, it becomes easier and easier for them to reach it again, and stay there longer.

Scientific research on meditation at this level has shown it can help to reset our physical body clock, reducing, replenishing and restoring our bodies back to a completely healthy state physically and mentally.  Individuals, may experience, visions, vibrant colours, shapes, signs, or just a deep sense of peace during this process and each time is a different experience.  People have recovered from debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, strokes,  bi-polar, and even look and feel younger.

Reaching this BLISS state does not necessarily take years and years of practice either.  It is more about you finding the right meditation or energy therapy for you, to unleash this BLISS state.

Energy Therapies such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, etc, also help to unleash this BLISS state so the more you partake in Energy Therapy, the more chance you have of getting there and regenerating your energy system.


Some people prefer the avenue of reaching an orgasm to achieve that BLISS state.

When I mention orgasm, I am not talking about the thrashing about, screaming type of orgasm that a couple may have together.  I’m talking about an orgasm that your partner or yourself gives you purely for your connection to the divine, your 6th sense, the whole of your energy field.

One that takes an unrushed, deeper connection, building up slowly, receding, building again, exploring the journey of colours, shapes and thoughts coming and going throughout the process which allows a deep healing to take place until the orgasm is finally reached.  Once orgasm is reached, the colours, shapes and deep connection with the divine carries on for a while afterwards which is why during sleep or rest, dreams and visions may then start to appear to lead your forward in your life journey.  Take notice of these signs.  It is your divine 6th self communicating to guide you forward.

When we first fall in love this approach is usually beneficial for both partners, but as our lives alter and children, work, the menopause, and life challenges become more involved, orgasms may take a back seat.  Sex may become an act fulfilled, due to tiredness or financial worries, rather than an experience of sharing together, unaware that your partner needs to reach BLISS to connect to their soul essence again for rejuvination.

Does achieving Bliss in one, help you achieve Bliss in the other?

Simple answer……. YES!!  Once you have taken care to unlock your 6th sense, you become open and compassionate to experiencing it on the other level.  Your 6th Sense wants to be communicated with as often as possible so enjoy the process.


Boundaries are very important here so that you are not manipulated into situations that you are not ready for.

Please DO NOT partake in activities which you feel uncomfortable with.  If any part of you feels uncomfortable that is your 6th Sense kicking in and saying I am not ready for this yet.

If that happens it is time to try another form of Energy Therapy or meditation which is suited for you.  NOT your partner or anyone else. JUST FOR YOU.


Step 1:       Awareness that there is a different perspective on this for each individual.

Step 2:       Engage in discovering which is best for you at this time in your life.

Step 3:       Transformation begins as your start the process.

Step 4:       Inspire others to look at this from a new perspective

Step 5:       Sustain your BLISS state by starting from Step 1 again and

repeating the process with perhaps a new Energy Therapy.

Note:   BLISS is not orgasm OR meditation, but a transformative state you achieve from the energy therapy you prefer to work with at the time.  It will depend on where you are at, in your life journey; who you are with and what you wish to share.




By Rachel

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