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Next Course starts on the 2nd Febraury 2022

Come and enjoy getting to know yourself on a whole new level and gain a Practitioner Certification so you can help others do the same!

£126.33 / 3 Months
Access for 12 months. Consistency is key - Repeat as often as you wish!
12 Module Online Self Study ourse
Weekly Q&A Sessions via Zoom with Trainer
12 Meridians covered
60+ Video trainings (5 a week) in bite size 10 minute segments
How to Manage 48+ Emotions covered.
How to manage 20+ Physical symptoms covered.
Learn How Emotional Freedom Technique works
Experience How your emotions affect your physical body
Learn How to Deal with Your Physical Symptoms
Learn how your Physical symptoms change as you progress
Learn how to deal with negative emotions.
Understand your Mind and Body connection like never before
Learn How to enhance your positive emotions
Learn about Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping points in more depth
3 Easy Payments Each Month
Make sense of your life and why repeating patterns have kept happening
Enjoy the process with a like minded community & make friends for life
Learn how significantly important you truly are
Potential to move to LEVEL II & Gain a Certification as a TARC EFT Practitioner
Access to download 3 x A3 Charts pdf (Positive emotions, Physical Symptoms & Negatives Emotions)
Access to TARC EFT Apple App
Access to The Spiral of Life by Rachel Earing Book (online)
TARC EFT Level II (Timeless ARC) (Practitioner Level)
£499 for 1 Year
2 x 6 Hours of Online Training Via Zoom
You Will be Taught How to Deal with Negative Emotions
You Will be Taught How to Deal with Physical Symptoms
You Will be Taught How To Use & Empower through Positive Emotions
You will know how to handle intense emotional reactions
Will know how to establish and maintain rapport
SUDS Levels and Why We use them
You will understand how to work with memories.
Will understand how to manage client boundaries
You will understand how to work with a client who has blocks to healing
First Hand Experience of Working with Clients Online
You will gain an understanding of how to find the “right words”.
Experience the Techniques Yourself
Learn how to Use Each Technique Effectively Real time
Learn How to Incorporate Colours into TARC
Learn How to Incorporate Ho'opponono Into TARC EFT
Learn How TARC EFT become Timeless with Ancestral Lineage work
Learn About the Detox Symptoms
Practice each technique effectively
Practice How to Start a Session with Clients
Basic Business Start up Information
What Paperwork you need to have in place
Legal Requirements - Why You Need to Have it
Q & A after each segment of learning.
Option to join Monthly Zooms for Q&A & Discuss Findings
TARC EFT (Level I & II Combined)
£720 for 1 Year
Option to take the Practitioner Certification - Lifetime access to Level I & II
All the Benefits of TARC EFT Level I
All The Benefits of TARC EFT Level II
10 Months Weekly Support
Commitment to Care

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