Mon. May 20th, 2024


The joy of science should be exactly that.   A ‘joy’ to keep being curiouser and curiouser, so that the investigating of new boundaries, new paradigms and new dimensions always continues.

The actual definition of Science in the Oxford Dictionary is : the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through  observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.

It is with great excitement that Live4Energy Training College moves forward into the scientific realms in 2024 to begin measuring the quantum field of business meetings, events, workshops, communities, coherance, resonance and consciousness research within our very own community in Bury and surrounding areas.

We are now open to partnerships, sponsorships and angel investors from open minded, conscious Super Leaders who wish to make a positive collaborative difference to our planet and communities.

This is our most innovative and exciting news of 2023 and so far it’s been pretty thrilling already!

We will have in our possession one of the very first in the world Wyrdoscopes (adapted from the original PEARS Random Event Generator), which has won the 2023 Lynda G O’Bryant, Insitute of Noetic Science Prize.

We will be using the Wyrdoscope to measure our Super Learning methods and reveal their effects throughout the year, alongside our client data already in place from an individual perspective in relation to burnout, stress, long term covid and more.

2023 IONS Lynda G Bryant Winners
IONS 2023 Winners

As Rachel Earing, Live4Energy’s founder, researcher, trainer and therapist expands conscousness work from adults into the world of children, who are seeing without eyes, using the capacities of the ICU Academy;  she is very excited indeed as to where humanity as a whole is heading.

“The world has enough wyrdness in it right now.  We may as well change the paradigm of wyrd and be in control of our own version of it.”

Isn’t it time we had something to be excited about! 

Rachel Earing



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