Sat. May 18th, 2024

Cognition is awareness of :

  • A Thought
  • An Attitude
  • A Personal Value
  • A Behaviour 

Dissonance is a disagreement within yourself on this knowledge, a conflict, an incompatibility.

Cognitive Dissonance can therefore be distressing for the individual as this internal battle ensues within us until we find some kind of peace by going with one side or another, or finding another piece of information to confuse the mix and start the Dissonance all over again.

It’s hardly surprising right now with all the conflicting information around on so many intense subject matters that our Global Societies are suffering hugely from Cognitive Dissonance.

Covid 19 has sent the world into a Spiral of many dimensions and our own knowledge base is seeking us to delve deeper and deeper into the information swimming around in the news, social media, and also, between friends and families.   

We do this to find some inner  peace within our own cognitive dissonance. 

This dissonance  can cause acute stress on our mental, emotional and physical health.

Stress is something we can all thrive off if we have the skills and knowledge to understand our own individual signals, (thoughts, physical sensations, emotions/feelings & behaviours); and how to use them effectively to keep moving ourselves forward with clarity, focus and compassion.

Stress has a huge impact on your brain, and if left to manifest into greater and greater dissonance over time, it may result  in chronic mental breakdown, or even shrink your brain as it goes in on itself, tensing more and more into a tighter and tighter  space to prevent more Dissonance filtering in.

So what can we do about Cognitive Dissonance in our own personal lives?

We can start with 5 simple strategies and as with everything in life, we repeat it and repeat it, until it becomes as simple to us as brushing our teeth and washing our face every day.

Consistency in our approach is key.

A Desire to understand yourself above all others is also necessary.

An Awareness of what your Cognitive Dissonance means to you

A Desire to Learn about your sensations, emotions, thoughts, behaviours.

A Desire to Transform the ones causing your Dissonance. 

 Feel free to download our  free booklet to start you off on this journey and even join a Community of like minded people to keep yourself going. 



By Rachel

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